Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ambi Pur Air Effects - Blossom & Breeze..Product Review

Nose is the most sensitive part of the body.  A strong pungent smell can cause headache and sneezing which sometimes can become unbearable.

We come across a lot of smells in our day to day life, some pleasant and some terrible.

Some fragrances bring memories, some makes you close your eyes and feel it and some may burn your nostrils and make you run for life.

We would never want the 3rd scenario mentioned above to occur in our day to day life.

Whether it’s our abode, office, gym or any surrounding, it should be clean and hygienic.
A good smell increases our productivity and concentration while a smelly one makes us lose out of our senses.

When I shifted to Mumbai as a bachelor, the first thing my mom was worried about was the hygiene and cleanliness at my place of accommodation.  

I was living with 3 of my friends in 1 BHK as the accommodation in Mumbai is quite expensive.
They used to be all groomed and hygienic in college and I expected the same here.

But as days passed my expectations took a backdrop.

Pile of stinking socks, clothes drained in sweat and remains of food material would create an aura that would sometimes even burn my nostril hairs.

One of them was a pet lover and would bring a new guest every week.
Pet odors used to get high on my nose and become really terrible to bear.

Also occasionally our flat used to become a dharamshala , when friends of friends used to come as a refuge to our flat, some of them even smelling like a dead rat. Drinking and smoking used to be the favorite pastime making the air unhealthy and smelly.

The poor drainage system used to add fuel to the fire, especially during monsoons.
Whenever someone from the flat above us used to flush, a disgusting smell with a warranty to burn your nostril hairs would make its way right into your nose.

One day I and my girlfriend went to one of my blogger friend house as he has invited us for dinner.
As I entered the living room I was mesmerized by the amazing scent that made my nose hairs dance with joy. For a second I felt as if I was in heaven.

As my friend came I enquired about the magical scent that was distributed equally across the room.
Ambi Pur Air Effects – Blossom Breeze is the source of magic, my friend revealed.

He understood my plight as he too had to live as a bachelor for few months.
My flat also used to smell like hell as it was a bachelor’s paradise but soon after using Ambi pur it started smelling like a real paradise.

Luckily at the same time Blogadda also had Ambi Pur Air Effects – Blossom & Breeze home for the bloggers to try out. These generous people gave me a sample and I am really thankful to them.


I have started using it and to my delight the aroma has changed drastically.
Now going to toilet would not demand a hanky on my nose.
I have started liking my flat and I want to stay for long just because of the pleasing fragrance that fills the air around.

As the name suggests the fragrance is quite floral and refreshes your mind.
Also I liked the can design and the spray mechanism.
The trigger for spray is quite easy to use.
I was trying to search for the ingredients but P&G has quite wisely kept it a secret.
Ambi Pur Air Effects - Blossom & Breeze is like a breath of fresh air.
I would definitely recommend it to everyone especially bachelors like me who have to daily suffer from stale and stinky smells.


Thanks a lot to Ambi Pur who has saved me from the torture of hell and has given me the pleasure of heaven.

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