Tuesday, June 2, 2015

An Open letter to Current GF

Dear Girlfriend,

I love you a lot, you know it and I know you also do, but every time when there is a fight you consider your past better than mines.

Comparing your ex with me is what you call "True Love"; I fail to understand this logic.

I never say your past was bad nor I flaunt that my coming in your life has made it beautiful.
What you have done for me and I have done for you are things to be felt not flaunt.

I respect your choice and hope the same in return but fail to get that.
There are many instances where you have considered yourself superior to my past.

A person who considers others as nothing and oneself as superior, such self obsessed person never remains happy in life.

Are you the same bubbly, down to the earth, peace loving girl whom I fell for, or you have changed?
The girl I loved used to respect every human being but the one today doesn't, so do you carry a dual face I was not aware about?

Give respect to get respect is a very famous saying; I think you might have heard about it.
We promised each other to respect each other's family, choices and past.
Do you still remember the promise or have you forgotten it?

The decision to be with each other, to love each other was mutual.
I am no prince charming, nor you are some miss world, let’s face the reality.
We are average human beings who love each other immensely and that hold the key to our future.

Neither I have done any favor being with you, nor have you.
We have accepted each other the way we are, with our past and now we have made plans to build an amazing future.

So let’s respect each other past and choices and not dig into it.

I have promised to love you till eternity and I will stick to that. 

Let’s sort it out quickly and began a new journey where there is only lots of love and no talks about the past.

In true love with you,
Current Boyfriend


  1. ground reality...loved the description

    1. Welcome ila ji to my blog.. Nice to know that u loved it.. Would love to see u more often

  2. thats hurting...well if a gf finds past better she should go to the past isnt it....love is giving it never asks and it never compares and if it does its materialistic love convenient...

    1. yeah Shweta ur correct that it hurts..but sometimes when you are angry, you tend to say things which u regret upon later...a good partner is one who understands that something said during fights and anger are temporary and reality is much different..

  3. Good letter. However do consider that people often say things they don't mean when they're in the middle of a fight. Relationships need one to have a short memory when it comes to hurtful things said and done, and long memories of the good times spent together.

    1. Thnx kalpanaa...very rightly said..I also follow the same mantra when it comes to any relationship.

  4. Sounds as a difficult phase. As far as I have seen, no girl behaves this way unless she is deeply troubled by anything. Her mind becomes her hell and she gets insecure. Written about it in my last post, a troubled past (break-up) can lead to this. She is just scared of not letting this relationship the way it led to her last.

    1. I totally agree with your words Sakshi..but for few times a guy can understand and let it go but if comparison in everything becomes a habit it is really difficult to continue that way..