Wednesday, May 7, 2014

India vs Pakistan T20 Final..

Though there are lot of cricket matches that are part of my favorite list, but the first T20 world cup final , India vs Pakistan which was played on 24th September 2007 finds its place in the top 5.

It was Monday and I had to attend my coaching class, but my heart was reluctant to miss even a single ball of the match.
I left my home early informing my mom of attending extra classes but there was a different plan altogether.

In Indore which is my hometown, Rajwada is the best place to watch any India's match, specially when it is with Pakistan. Me and my friends decided to meet there and cheer for our team.

As we reached the decided destination, it appeared as if the complete Indore has gathered here.
Even before the start of the match there was hooting, cheering and the atmosphere was completely pumped up. There was a big screen around 15 feet set right in the middle.
All the roads around were jam packed and even the RJ's were cautioning those few people who were not watching match but roaming around to changed their direction if they were heading towards Rajwada.

Loud roar of more than 5000 people was heard on each boundary hit by the Indian batsman.
A fighting total of 157 was enacted by India, thanks to the amazing innings played by Gautam Gambhir.
When India started bowling each wicket of Pakistan was welcomed with patriotic slogans. And then came the climax, the last over. First ball was a wide with raised our heart beats followed by a dot ball to calm it a bit down. But then ball sailed over the ropes for a six and some of us were on the verge of having a heart attack.
We were praying and Misbah heard it at the right time playing a shoot which was never needed at this point of time when you only need 6 out of 4 balls.
Out !!! and everyone was jumping in the air, hugging each other, the atmosphere had gone crazy and so were we.

I lied to my mom, bunked my classes just so that I don't miss even a single ball of the match and it paid off really well. I was feeling like dancing, what an amazing match I had witnessed today.

But you can't bunk classes on a regular basis and that was when StarSports came as a savior.
Though I loved all its features but Action Recap was my favorite where I can watch the match from starting after attending my classes.

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