Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review of 2 States movie

She was insisting me to watch this movie from a long time as it was quite similar to our love story.
Though I am still to face her Hitler Dad who checks the payslip first and her mom who wants a cloned Alok Nath as her son-in-law, but it was quite a preparation.

And not to forget that my love story is no less spicy then that of Chetan Bhagat but that I will keep for someday later..;)

So coming back to the movie. These days a new trend is seen in Bollywood, where a popular piece of literature is been adopted into screenplays.
Chetan Bhagat's books have appalled the youth of India to a great extent. In the past his work like "five point someone" and "three mistakes of my life" when adapted on screen went out to be huge hits.

As I had read 2 States so was already aware about the story but how the real life is presented in the reel life was what excited me.Also as someone special was with me so the excitement increased manifold.
2 states was Chetan's best seller and its adaptation had great expectations. Does it manages to live upto the expectation, let's find out.

Unlike 3 idiots and Kai Po Che, 2 States is 100% adaptation of the book.

The movie revolves around Punjabi Munda Krish and beautiful Madarasan Ananya who meet each other at IIM A. Ananya with 22 proposals from IITians feels the same for every other. Krish protest against her attitude and this marks the beginning of their story.
Krish finally confesses that he can't just be a friend and Ananya rewards this with a kiss.

Love finds way into their life and a spicy romance starts on the campus. After having the fun the couple finally decide to commit and take their relationship forward.
But in India marriage is not only about the girl and boy is what they realize soon.
They decide to make their parents meet on their convocation which turns out to be a nightmare.

For a second I could see my parents meeting with those of my GF just to give me a heart attack.
Thanx to my GF who pinched me at the right time otherwise I was about to see World War 3.

Nwys back to the story, after the convocation the story embarks upon the journey of couple convincing each other's parents which is full of drama, humor and at last happy ending.

2 States is full on masala movie which has all the ingredients to make it a hit.
Though there are no such moments which pulls you out of the chair but it perfectly fulfills all the expectations that you have after reading the book. Also the music is rocking and good to ears which is an added bonus.

Shy & geek looking Arjun Kapoor does complete judgement to his character. Though it is tough for him to be in such avatar seeing his previous performances but he perfectly lends the required softness.

Amrita Singh is superb as the bold Punjabi mom who delivers the funniest liners of the movie with full composure.
Ronit Roy gives a powerful performance he is know for.

But it is Alia Bhatt who is the focus of the movie. Yet another superb performance after Highway.
Her beauty, innocence & vivacious personality brings life to the character of Ananya. Her refreshing looks and natural acting add to the charm of every scene.

Overall the movie is a good  entertainment, a one time watch for sure..\m/

Rating -: 

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