Saturday, April 26, 2014

What if you are 25 and don't have a GF..??

GF is an entity that changes your life.
If you are fortunate enough to find a good one then she makes your life heaven but the other one is also important as she will leave you with long credit card bills, sleepless nights and not to forget a lesson of lifetime.

But what if you are 25, an age when parents start looking for a suitable bride and you don't have someone special in life. Not to forget when you are afraid of arranged marriage,it really gets difficult.

Relationships which are childhood love, school love or college first year love have 90% probability of being successful, but I was unfortunate to find one.

Its not that I didn't try, I tried my heart out, but either I was not satisfied or she.

During school time peer pressure starts from 8th class, not only peer pressure also Parents pressure.
They except you to top the merit , but don't understand that it is also the time when lot of hormone locha happens inside your body.
You start finding girls pretty. The opposite sex attracts you more than anything.

Next comes NTSE. If you get scholarship here, IIT coaching classes will teach you for free.
Also your name will come into newspaper which everyone wants one day.
So again the mind wants you to study but heart wants just the opposite.
It is ready to fall for someone, go mad in love, create new historic love stories.

10th Board is like a war, where your parents, teachers and even friends knowing that you are a small Srilanka will expect you to beat America.

Finally when you feel that now you can relax and go out fishing, parents ring the Career Alert bell.
You are shown the dream of getting into an IIT by coaching institutes and you happily agree to get bluffed.
It's not that coaching institutes are only for studies, many students come for mate matching also.
Fortunately girls here consider you a part of intellectual group and try to come closer.
They call you to parties but for you it is senseless and waste of time as the bhoot of IIT is still big on the head.

Finally the results are out and you don't get an IIT but a decent college.
Now that you are sure that everything is set, you feel it's the right and high time to fall in love.

But where are all the pretty girls gone ?
99% girls are beautiful and rest 1% are my batchmates looks so true and real.

Though there are some charming faces but they demand a high intellect combined with big bikes and even bigger wallets.
Then there are those average looking, only 4-5 times proposed girls who will fall for singing skills, guitar skills and in my case dancing skills.
You think she is the one, your love, your everything but she leaves you in few months, stating it as just an infatuation and nothing else.

Then there is that one girl who will love you like anything. She will always feel jealous when you are with other girl. She will take care of you like a mother, but you won't get satisfied by all this.
Because for you a person has not to be only loving and caring but also interesting and witty to be a partner.
She loves you relentlessly and you finally think of giving it a try.
Well it feels good for few days but then you feel like changing many things.
You tend to give her lectures on almost everything and then follows 24*7 fighting, calling mutual friends and troubleshooting.
Finally when everyone gives up, your relationship comes to a miserable end breaking her heart.

A lesson learnt but after paying a heavy price of losing your best friend.
You take a pledge not to get into relationship with a girl who is not of your type, just to break it in few months.

Internet friends are so common these days and also internet love.
You feel low and lonely after the breakup and make your way to the big virtual world.

After few days you find someone interesting. She seems to be the perfect one, loving, caring, intellectual and also witty. You take no time in falling for her. The first few meets are so amazing that you feel like introducing her to your family, but her different caste factor always keep haunting you.

Few months pass and you tend to feel the difference between virtual and the real world.
The girl who always had time for you on the virtual world, unfortunately can't find much in her real world. She tends to give excuses and things get bitter.
You give your relationship another chance with an optimistic hope of she finding time for you.
But things get really worst when she is not even able to meet you on your birthday.
You don't have any other option then break-up.

Cooperate world beckons and you get yourself immersed into work just to forget her.
Again you take a pledge that you will only think of a girl if she is of your caste as this is your last time and you don't want a World War 3 with your parents.
When you are on the verge of getting great opportunities, she enters your life.
She is of your caste, have great looks, is witty, creative and above all matches your height perfectly.
What more can you urge for ?
You try all the tricks in the world to impress her but this time your love line shows a full stop.
You are being ignored as if you don't even exist.
She gets into an IIM and you are stuck at the same place, also losing those knocking opportunities.

Now you are 25. Parents wants to get you married soon.
Your father's father and mother's mother emotionally blackmail's you every time you talk to them.
Friends are getting married to their long term GF's and when you tell them your desire of having a love marriage, they will infinitely mock at your single status.

Watched 2 states and felt like waiting for some more time, but how long...????
Do you have an answer ? Feel free to suggest..;)