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An experience of lifetime..

It was those days when I was in school.
My 8th board exams had finished and the best time of year was awaiting me, the summer holidays.
This time I was very excited as I heard my parents discussing about some foreign tour.
But to my disappointment they decided to visit our relatives in Pipliya, birthplace of my Mamaji.

Pipliya is a small village located in the state of Madhya Pradesh with a mere population of 30,000.
We were going to visit our Mamaji's brother Shyamlal Jain who lived with his wife there for past 50 years.They lived in a house which was more like a Kothi built about 60 years ago by Mamaji's father Mr Dindayal Jain .They also had a farm which was some 8,000 square feet and was the source of earning their lively hood.

I was just 14 at that time, at the start of my adolescence. I was crazy for parties, hanging out with my friends at mall, cafes & playing video games for long hours.
A day without video game or eating out was like a day not lived.
I was so much into the materialistic things that I hardly got time to feel the beauty of the nature around and I didn't even care about it.
Surviving in a village was a challenge for me. I was pissed off by the thought of unhygienic toilets, cow dung everywhere, the ambiance that I had to bear to a week.

It was decided that we will leave for Pipliya on 2nd of April, a day after completion of my exams.
All were busy with their packing, especially me, as I wanted to take all the gadgets, gizmos and other stuff I had for making my survival possible, I was behaving in a manner as if I was going to be a contestant of Survivor India.

We started at 10 in the morning and reached there by 6 in the evening. I thoroughly enjoyed driving the Car at a speed of 110-130 on the high way as it seemed to be the last exciting thing left on the world to me.
When we entered the village everything looked messy and obsolete to me. The lanes were narrow, houses looked like they were built in 18th century and people had no sense of fashion and hygiene..

Finally after 1 hour of crazy horn blowing, frustration and agitation we finally reached the so called Kothi of Mr Jain.

He and his wife were waiting for us anxiously. As we got down they welcomed us whole heartily.
It had been years after I meet them so couldn't recall their face.

There house was very big and looked more like a historical monument which hasn't been white washed from ages. There were no marble flooring and furniture appeared to be of Akbar's time.
They showed us our rooms and told us to get fresh as dinner was ready.

Our room had nothing to be happy about as it was as old fashioned as the house.
I was reluctant to take dinner so early as it was only 6:30 pm.
Everything which was there around pissed me off and I told dad to run away from here as soon as possible, may be by tomorrow itself.

Unfortunately Mr Jain also came at the same time inviting us for dinner.
He had listened to what all I said, but very calmly he came near me and politely said, “I know you are a kid of city and are not habitual of living in such ambiance , but believe me you will have the time of your life if you follow my words.

I was so embarrassed that I didn't know what to say and agreed to whatever he said.
After having dinner, as everyone was very tired, especially me, we decided to sleep.

As we were going to our rooms he told me to that we had to go somewhere at 5 in the morning as he had some surprises planned for me and told not to worry as he will wake me up in time.
OMG 5 in the morning, I don't remember if I did wake up any time before 8 in my life.
Anyways I went to bed at 10 and waited for the next morning to know about the surprises.

"Ankit wake up beta, Mamaji is calling you", said Mom.
Why these people get up so early, i felt very irritated as I was about to hug Irina Shayk at the Crane Beach of Barbados...:P

I asked him where were we going and now he should reveal the surprise, but he told me to follow him and wait for the right time.
We have to get to the top of that hill which appears at the other side of the ground, affirmed he.

I was gasping for air as the path to the top was not easy and it took all my stamina to even stand still.
Come on my boy we have almost made it, exclaimed he. I could see a 60 year old standing at the top and motivating a 14 year young champ to take those remaining steps.
That day it was very much clear , why my Nani used to say that people in villages have tremendous stamina and that it was all because they loved nature and were very close to it in all aspects.

When I reached top I was completely tired and out of my senses, but suddenly a gust of cool breeze touched my face, blowing my hair. What I saw next was phenomenal, tiny extravagant shades of orange and pink appeared in the sky. Shortly after a fiery ball enhancement started to make it’s way beyond the mountain ranges at a distance. Sky was filled with colours of unexplainable magnificence that had no known name. I felt like I am on top of the world with nature charming me with all its elements.

Mamaji asked me how was I feeling like, but my ego came in middle and I deceived him by saying that it was okay. Next we started with Yoga. He told me about different asanas and exercises which kept him fit and healthy and I followed him. 

It was 8 and we were finished with the first task of the day. Next we headed towards home as it was time for breakfast. But for me it was time for defecation as I could feel the pressure intensify.
Most of the times we used to curse God for the indigestion problem and take lot of medicines just to have a smooth process of defecation. But today I was actually cursing myself for being so dependent on medicines and keeping away from the benefits of being natural.

But there was a problem, where to defecate..??, as I could see no Sulabh Shauchalaya there. I asked Chote Nana for help. He told me there is a small lake which flows near to their farm and I can easily become HALKA there..:P
Was he telling me to defecate in open in front of all, in open??... I was feeling so embarrassed but had no other option.
When we reached the Lake I quickly found a big rock behind where I could hide myself, well there are many other things you can do behind a big rock, but this time I was alone and in lot of hurry..:P

The place I choose had the water stream just flowing at a hand's distance. Man I had the best defecate of my life .Lolzz I am describing this also but can't help..:P
After I was done we headed towards our home as breakfast was waiting for us.

After we were done with filling the hungry stomach, I was feeling desperately to take a shower as my complete body was stinging and sweating.
But there was another plan which Mamaji had in queue.
We will go to a nearby river side which is just 10km away from here and don’t worry this time we will go on my bike, he chuckled.
We were accompanied my father also.

When we reached the spot there was no crowd there. Mamaji told us that this place was rarely known to the people. In no time he climbed up a rock which was 20 feet high and made a dive in the water. 

Wow, that’s super cool I thought and tried myself too. I was feeling a bit nervous as 20 feet was not a small height, but then I made my move and went straight into the water. I could see small fishes passing by my ear; it was a breath taking moment for me, so natural and wonderful.
After doing different somersaults and relaxing in the free flowing water for some 2 hours we headed towards home for lunch.

Post lunch we went to his farm.
He told me that they grew different vegetables like ladyfinger, Cucumbers, green onions and also pulses and cereals.
It was evening time before sunset and the crops appeared dancing with the cool breeze.
The panorama was beautiful and so natural.
Near to the farm he also had a small shed for all the cattle.
I had never become friends with animals as I did this time. Feeding them, pampering the newly born and the most amazing experience was seeing mamaji draw milk from the cow’s udder.
 Time passed so quickly that we even didn't knew it was already dinner time.

After having dinner Dad told us that he got an urgent call from office and we have to leave early in the morning. I was very much disappointed as we had planned for a week but had to leave in a day. I had started loving the place, it’s people, the ambience, desi food and above all my amazing confrontation with nature and its beautiful elements which are always going to stay in my unforgettable memoirs.

It was also time to keep aside the useless ego and confess the truth to Mamaji.
I wanted to tell him how much I loved his company, the surprises he planned for me and all the efforts made by him to make me become friends with nature.

When we were about to leave, it went in front of him, touched his feet and then hugged him with tears flowing down my eyes. I can hear the sobbing sound too, means he too was crying. He told me that he missed his son the most and he found a glimpse of him in me. I apologized to him for my attitude and rude behavior. I was feeling very guilty for bringing ego in between relationships especially when the other person considered you as his son.

From that day something in me changed and all credit goes to Mamaji who inspired me to always remain connected to nature, to become friends with it and respect and love all its elements.

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