Sunday, April 20, 2014

My love for the game and how Star Sports became partner in crime

Though cricket is not the official national sport of India but it has always been followed like a religion.
Most of the people here are fanatical about the game. Everyone has their own predictions, superstitions, routines & have done crazy things to enjoy this amazing game and I have been no exception to this.

During childhood my parents were a bit strict about me watching TV, specially cricket. World cup was my favorite and I always tried to convince them to let me watch it. But I failed and that was the time when the art of making crazy excuses found its way into me.

1. I used to inform at my school that my mom is very ill and have to be at home and here at home I
   used to tell my parents that some teacher of my school has meet with an accident and she/he is
   dead, hence the school is closed because of that.

2. Asharam Bapu proved to be a boon for me as his asaram was near to my school and there were
    huge traffic jams during his arrival , so I used to tell my parents that the school is off as the buses
   wont be functioning today

3. Also monsoon was my favorite, not only because of the natural beauty that is at boom in those
   days but also because of the huge water standing infront of my school which easily helped me
   make an excuse whenever there was India's match.

Normal one included
I am ill and can't go to school.
Missed my school bus.

But the craziness and keeda of cricket only got bigger with the age.
When I came in college we used to bunk classes to watch every match in our favorite lounge.
There we had our tables reserved beforehand and big screens all set so that we never missed a shot.
Whether it was Yuvraj six sixes in an over, Sachin's `magnificent double hundred or a world cup for India after after 28 long years, we enjoyed every bit.

Even if we had to attend a lecture as the professor was a Hitler, we used to make sure to get live updates of the match through sms and some people like me used to put one of the earphone hiding it with my palm, though it pained a lot but everything is fair in love,war and cricket..;)

But as I got a job and became part of the cooperate world, life changed.
Now we can't bunk our office to watch our favorite players in full action.
Nor we can make an excuse to get a leave, as boss was reluctant to offer any holiday until there was something really serious.

But cricket was as important as my job and then StarSports came as a savior.
Now whenever I was stuck at office with my overtime job I quickly logged on to the website to catch the action on the deferred live feature where I could watch the entire match just with 5 mins of delay.

Sometimes the workload is so much that I had to skip my lunch, forget about watching match.
In those times the Action Recap feature comes as a boon where I could catch up with the match quickly and completely at any hour of the clock.

Also there are times when you really have so much to do in a day that watching the complete match looks impossible. Here is when the Zip Clips comes into picture. Now whenever I have long, tiring client meetings and there is no energy left to watch the complete match I get to see all the important moments of the match through short, snack sized videos.

Though I love all the features that new StarSports has offered as it has helped me remain connected with my love(Cricket) even in office but I preferably love Action Recap, Deferred Live & Zip Clips , in which Zip Clips is my favorite.

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