Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Weirdest Replies by a girl to a proposal

1. Get down on your knees properly.
    I mean what the hell. The boy had gathered all his courage to propose you in front of a crowd and you are     more concerned whether he is properly on his knees or not.

2. I don't believe in love
You are die hard fan of SRK. You like love everywhere whether it is movies, books or daily soaps
    but not in real life..huh

3. Can we be friends with benefits.
    The guy is giving his heart out to you. He is confessing his genuine feelings and you wanna become
     friends with benefits. Really !!!

4. I am a lesbian
    You talk about handsome hunks. Wanna get fucked hard.
     Blushes in the most feminine way and flirts like a pro but at the end you call yourself a lesbo..WTF

5. I love your friend
I mean for heaven's sake please someone tell me when did this happened.
    She was flirting with me but fell in love with my friend. Can I kill 2 people...grrhhh..

6. You don't belong to my caste
Really are you giving me that reason ? Were you born in Mughal era ?
    Did any museum offered you a place there as you have become obsolete ?

7. You have to sign a pre relationship contract
    Pre Martial contract is a thing but pre relationship contract ?
    And the clauses of contract includes, gifts every week, a candle light dinner date in a five star once
    a month and blah blah blah..!!!

8. I don't know
    Now this reply is the worst of all as the boy is in no man's land.
    Just tell him whether you feel the same or not then playing with his feelings.

9. I want to meet your ex first 
    Straight away say a "NO" if you are not interested. What purpose will  be solved by meeting my EX ?
    You wanna hear someone bitching about me, wait I will do it myself.

10. Your place or my place
      Yeah it's quite true that some girls are only interested in one night stand and then Tata, Bye Bye.
      Don't fall for such eye candies.


  1. Thats really weird but interesting.... ;) how cum not a single gal said YESSSS...