Monday, May 12, 2014

When Arvind Kejriwal went Shopping

Current LokSabha elections are the most dramatic and interesting till date. Each party has given its best to fling dirt on each other, to divide India on issues like Communalism, Casteism & Secularism, make false promises and even use foul language to humiliate and defame each other.
This time there is a new player in the game , the AAM AADMI PARTY.

Bringing big names from different sectors of India together, bearing anguish of the AAM AADMI in forms of slaps, accusing big industrialists like Mukesh Ambani of fraud, Arvind Kejriwal and his troops did enough to create a buzz.

Now was the time to wait for 16th May, the result day and relax a bit. What better it can be then to do some online shopping, so Arvind Kejriwal followed his trend of asking the India Janta. He asked people to suggest him a platform where we can get all the best deals across India and people were smart enough to propose "Baggout".

Baggout is an online shopping platform where you can browse thousands of products from the best online shopping stores like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Ebay, Amazon and the list is endless. But what makes it unique and different from other players in the same segment are the below points
1. CashBack Policy -:
    You get cashback on whatever you purchase, isn't that amazing.
2. Products suggested by friends -:
    Till know our opinions were controlled and manipulated by the salespersons, marketers and                 anonymous reviews. But on Baggout the things have changed where we can browse through               different products suggested by our friends and choose the best one among them.

So Arvind decided to go with the AAM janta and logged on to Baggout using his FB account.
As he signed in he was surprised to see first thing as helmet suggested by Kumar Vishwas, may be because of the recent love shown in the form of Thapads by the AAM AADMI.
After buying helmet from Jabong, next suggestion was from Medha Patkar to buy some brooms as there was scarcity of the same in their godown and also they required them for their next rally.
All the brooms available online were purchased.

Gul Panag was the next in the queue with her suggestion of a stylish Muffler. As he always loved to wear one so was happy with the suggestion. After browsing through different brands available , he finally bought three from Myntra.

As he scrolled down something was there to surprise him.
Though this were probably the last two suggestions, but were from the biggies.
One was from Arnab Goswami who on behalf of all the journalists suggested him to buy some cough syrups as sometimes it was difficult to understand his talks..:P

And the final one was from Narendra Modi who suggested him to replace his party symbol from broom to vacuum cleaner as today's AAM AADMI had become a bit advanced...:P

Arvind Kejriwal was a happy man as he had saved lot of bucks because of the cashback offers on all the products he brought. After reaching the party office he made an official announcement declaring Baggout as the online shopping platform for the AAM AADMI  party in India.

This post is written as part of contest on Baggout


  1. haha you made Baggout as the official online partner of the Aam Aadmi Party... Haha :D Good one man...