Monday, January 2, 2012

Vaishno devi trip, Amritsar cops, accident and KFC meal.... Experience I would never forget

The work was less in office as Christmas had just passed and new year was going to come.
Everyone was getting bored so we decided to share some of our past experiences which still caused goose bumps to us.

Abhijeet started with his hostel experience of how they used to go for long drives on their bikes at 3 in the morning to eat at a famous chat centre and roam on the streets of Jaipur.
One day they were chased by police and it was a thrilling escape for them, same as in Dhoom movie.

Deepti narrated the incident of how she saved her sister and herself from the fire which started from their Rajai and extended to the whole room.

Now it was my turn. I was trying to recollect those incidences which had left their mark on my conscious as well as subconscious mind and suddenly one incident came at the top of the list.
It was one of those experiences where my sharp mind and fiery tongue got me out of a sticky situation.

Everyone in the family was busy thinking about the destination we should be visiting in this summer vacations. Some said south India, few came up with suggestion of Rajasthan brahman, at last Nanaji came up with idea of Vaishno Devi trip which was accepted unanimously.

We decided to go by our own vehicle because the main fun of these trips lies in enjoying the journey together by singing, dancing and doing other activities. Amritsar was where we were going to halt as one of Daddy’s friend lived there.

We started on 15th from Indore and reached Amritsar on 16th.  We got a warm welcome from Dad’s friend and his family. They were very vivacious and amiable people. We thoroughly enjoyed their company on our visit to places like golden temple and Jaliawala Bagh.


We planned to leave for Jammu on 18th in the morning. There was a tradition in our family to give some gift to the family members of the house where we stayed. Dad’s Friend and his family was a big fan of KFC. So I was told by Dad to get a meal packed from the nearby KFC outlet


I told our driver to get me to the nearest KFC present in the town. We had travelled for an hour but luck was not in our favour as we couldn’t find a single KFC outlet. Suddenly our Innova came to a halt. As I was totally immersed in listening to music on my iphone ,I had no idea of what had happened. I was awed by the set of events that happened thereafter, within few minutes of time span.

A couple, Sardarji and his wife came towards our Innova and pulled me out.
My Driver ran into the nearby park leaving me alone.
There was a police station nearby from where I could see two 6 feet tall muscular Sikh cops approaching us.
Sardar’s wife started conversing with the cops in Punjabi and after 5 minutes of conversation one of the cop came to me and TADAK……………….was the sounded that resonated.

Cop demanded 5000 bucks to be paid to the couple; otherwise they would seize my vehicle and put me behind the bars.
I appeased myself, controlled my anger and tried to explain them that it was not my fault and he should listen to the whole story.   
Cop rebuked me and threatened to put behind the bars.

I was shocked, humiliated and at the same time in no men’s land as I didn’t knew what to do next.
It was a straightforward plot against me as I could see nothing had happened to Sardarji and his wife and also to their bike.
Suddenly an idea stuck my mind. I knew that Jaswant Singh was the MLA from Amritsar, so why not call him for help.
I dialled a no, the name which was displayed was Jaswant Uncle, my father’s friend…:P
Coincidently his name was same as that of Mr MLA from Amritsar.

Me:  Sasriyakal Jaswant Uncle, Ankit here
Uncle:  haan putarrr tell me what happened?
Me:  Actually uncleji I just left from your home an hour ago as I had some work to finish.
        We were moving swiftly and safely but suddenly a couple on bike stopped infront of us and          
         started accusing us of hitting and damaging their bike and also causing bruises to them.
         There is also a police station nearby whose cops after listening to the lady slapped me hard
         without actually knowing my side of story.

Jaswant Singh was among the league of wise men present on this earth. He understood the matter quickly and told me to handover my cell to one of the cops present there. I did the same.
After 10 minutes of conversation I could hear only 2 words continuously pouring out of the cop’s mouth SORRY SIRJI SORRY SIRJI
“I know I have done a mistake and I promise I won’t repeat it again”, reassured the cop.

He then handed the cell back to me with a sorry and please forgive me gesture.
Me: Thanks Uncleji, will come home in 1 hour.
Saying this I cut the call as I had matters left to settle with Sardarji and his wife.
I told the cop to check Sardarji for alcohol as I got a foul smell from his mouth, when he was shouting and accusing me on top of his voice.
Cop verified for the same and found Sardarji guilty.

“So sardarji should we put you up in lockup for drinking alcohol while driving bike”, I enquired.
Sardarji and his wife went on their knees and with joint hands pleaded for forgiveness.
Ok I can give you a chance to compensate for what you have done.
If you can get me the best meal from KFC in half an hour, I will let you leave untouched, else you know the consequences. Don’t try to act clever and disappear as the cops has made a note of your bike no.
At once they picked up their bike and flew away with great speed.

Now the driver had also returned as he was watching everything happen from a nearby place, that he was hiding at.
I scolded driver for being so irresponsible and coward when he knew that it was not his mistake.
The cops took us inside the police station and ordered for some snacks till the time couple came up with our meal.
Within 45 minutes the couple was infront of us, with the KFC meal in their hand.

The inspector rebuked them for what they did and gave a warning that, if next time they were found
doing such stuff, they would be put behind the bars.
I was really very happy as my sharp mind and fiery tongue not only got me out of the trouble but also helped me in getting a delicious KFC meal for free and saving lots of my precious time which would have been otherwise wasted in searching for a KFC outlet.

So that was my story.
Everyone in my team appreciated me for my shrewdness, specially my Project Leader who in a humorous manner, advised me to show some part of it in the Project also….:D

This post is for the Indiblogger KFC fiery grilled contest "Set You On Fire".


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