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Love doesn't follow any caste or religion, it just follow 2 hearts

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Love is the eternal truth of life . You have to go all the way to find it. 
Adventure is accompanied with excitement and passion.
When both of them combine Miracles happen.

So lets start with the story which revolves around this 3 words.

Gyan and Saraswati were new to Indore.
They had got admission to Institute of Engineering and Technology and were eagerly waiting for their semesters to start.

Though they belonged to the same village of Uttar Pradesh, they hardly knew each other.
Gyan was an adventure lover guy. Trekking , Swimming and exploring new destinations were his hobbies. His dream was to work for Discovery Channel though had to study engineering because of his family compulsion.

Saraswati was a nature lover and had a passion to capture the amazing creations of nature.
She had a childhood dream of becoming a  Photographer but somehow landed into engineering field.
Although she was from a village she looked no less than a princess.
Those beautiful eyes with a touch of kajal, long silky hairs and a pair of pink ballets were enough for the Indian beauty to turn heads.

On the first day of the college itself they dashed their vehicles into one another and from that day onward , developed animosity towards each other.

College has this tradition of taking the freshers to an outing ,in the first week of college so that they can easily mingle with each other.
This time the place was decided as Tincha Fall.
 As it was rainy season so a waterfall surrounded by natural beauty was the best place to visit.

Gyan was happy as he got an opportunity of trekking in the first week of college itself and Saraswati too was eager to test her photography skills with her Fuji AX300 Camera,
   a pocket camera with all the desired features.

  Tincha fall is a beautiful waterfall which falls from a height of 40 feet. It has a village on one side and forest on another. To reach the pond of water where the fall water gets accumulated, one has to trek 40 feet downwards.


  Everyone who went down to the pond was warned not to go in deep water and to remain with the group.

  A group of 15 people including Gyan and Saraswati were busy enjoying themselves at the pond.
  There were few cave like structures were the water was flowing from the pond.
  Gyan was eager to find what lied inside the caves as the structure was looking very appealing to him. Same was the case with Saraswati as she also wanted to have closer shots of the beautiful natural constructs.


   Saraswati some how got to a rock close to the cave from where she could take some amazing snaps. As she was clicking pics , a snake suddenly showed up from the water and in fear of it she lost her balance and fell into the flowing water which was heading towards the cave.

  She become unconscious because of been hit by a stone on head and soon fainted .
  Gyan, who was not far away, noticed her flowing inside the cave with the water. He tried to get hold of her hand but himself lost balance and fell in to the water.

  All were told to leave the pond as it was time to go back.
  When headcount was taken Gyan and Saraswati were the only one missing. There was a sudden turmoil in the group. Everyone was frightened to think of what could have happened to both of them.

  Meanwhile Gyan and Saraswati were carried by the water flow to a lake in the forest ,as the water from the cave flowed into the lake.
   Gyan gained consciousness but found Saraswati lying in the water ,still unconscious.
   She was bleeding from the head. He collected some heap of leaves and made her lay on it.
   Then he took out his Samsung Wave which was to his surprise was still working and opened the navigation map apps to find out their location. They were some 500 m from the fall in the middle of the forest. He was unable to call anyone as there were no signals available.

   It was already 7 pm with sun waving goodbye  and night making it's way through.
   The horizon had also become dark grey with darkness widening its presence all around.
   He started collecting some wood logs to produce fire, in meanwhile Saraswati also got to her senses. She was suffering from pain as she had bruises in her head and also she had thorns pricked in her arms and feet.

   Gyan took his hanky and tied it on her head so that the swelling didn't increased further.
   "You look weak", Inquired her. "Well don't worry about me , I will be fine.
     It's mild fever which will go away by itself", assured Gyan.
    You are been hit badly in your head. It's swollen up like a pumpkin and there are lots of thorns                    also which are pricked in your body.
    So he advised her to lay still while he removed the thorns from her arms. She was feeling uncomfortable as he hold her arm ,but than she could hardly move so had no other option.
   He removed all the thorns from her hand and made his way to her feet. The pink ballets were
worn away and blood came out from her soles. He gently took the ballets out, placed her feet  on his lap and carefully took the thorns out. Then he rubbed her feet softly so that she could relax and 
it helped her alleviate the pain.


   Though both remained silent their eyes did all the talking. He was not the guy she thought on their first meet. Not only he was caring but he was brave too. She could feel her heart beat running a marathon when he touched her again. 
   This time he got closer to her lips, at first she hesitated but than she closed her eyes. It was a signal for him to go on , gently they locked their lips which slowly turned into a passionate kiss.


   Love finally found it's way into their hearts.


   Both of them were frightened as they could hear the roaring of animals, air flowing sayeee........
   sayeee......:P  . Suddenly Gyan's cell beeped , how come it was still working , a miracle indeed  . It was a msg from one of his friend asking about his whereabouts. 
  He quickly called him up and told him where they are stuck up, thanks to the navigation map apps on this Samsung Wave. Within 2 hours they were rescued from the forest.
   Now they use to eat, study and roam together in the college. They become one of the popular couple of the college. Everyone was very excited to listen to ,what all happened in the forest which transformed hate at first sight into forever love.

  On the other hand when the news of this incident and their infant love reached their village , there was a fit of rage in both families. Gyan was a Brahmin while Saraswati was a Rajput , as they belonged to different caste, falling in love with each other was the biggest crime created by them as per their families. People of village were very narrow minded and disapproved of loving someone from a different caste.

  Both of them were immediately called to the village so that Panchayat can decide what should be done and if necessary what punishment should be given to both of them.
   Saraswati was very scared when she came to know that everyone in her village had come to know about her and Gyan relationship and that her brothers will kill them for what they have done. Gyan told her to keep faith in god and their love and promised that he would be with her till his last breath.

  Mr Das was the Sarpanch of the village. Though he had studied only till 10th, his studies didn't became an obstacle in his progress and decision making abilities. He was a broad minded person and was aware of thinking of today's youth.

   It was 6pm and Panchayat was ready to decide the fate of the love birds. On having discussion for 1 hour , finally Sarpanch came out with Panchayat decision. 
   Love is supreme. It has no boundaries or limits. 
   It doesn't follow any caste or religion but only the hearts of pious souls. 

   Gyan and Saraswati have the right to marry each other according to Indian constitution and no one should try to threaten them against it. It is Panchayat's decision.

   There was a pin drop silence among the villagers. No one had expected Sarpanch to come up with such a decision which was against their customs and traditions.                                                 

   Suddenly Saraswati's brothers took out their swords, chisels and ran towards Gyan who was standing alone near the tree. He was unaware of what was coming till he heard the scream of Saraswati , who came in middle of the sword and his body.Blood was pouring out from her body like water from a tap.

   Next blow had Gyan on his knees with the chisel deeply rooted in this stomach.
  Both of them laid there bathing in blood, gasping for air and fighting for their love..
  They had their hands in each other , still trying to get close enough to feel their love for the last time , than came the second blow and it looked like game over.


  Sarpanch came running towards both of them. He could feel their pulses , so without wasting a single second he called the City's hospital helpline no which was located in Kanpur, fortunately the only hospital having a helicopter ambulance also. Kanpur was on a distance of 10 km from the village, so in no time the helicopter was there and police also came at the same time. 

  Saraswati brother's were arrested and a report was also charged against both of their families.

  It is a miracle indeed that both of them survived the blows and are happily married for 4 years.
  Both of them now work for an NGO Shakti Vahini who works to prevent honor killings and make people understand the Indian constitution, rights and duties of an Indian citizen and most importantly the essence of LOVE.



  1. I loved the pictures of the waterfall and the cave beautiful..

    and you are right gyan and sarswati have the right to marry each other , love is not a crime


  2. Thnx for dropping by Bikram...
    glad tht u liked the pics..
    do come more often...:)

  3. kahani poori filmi thi usme adds bhi the.......but it was a good story with a powerfull message. keep it up bro...

  4. adds..???
    nwys thnx kamlesh..
    keep coming by more often..:)

  5. nice work.....
    i like d most abt d story is d message dat comes out of it.....

  6. thnx Vrutika...
    I am glad u liked it..
    yeah it's very imp for the people to broader their mind, respect love and also those who love