Friday, July 15, 2016

The two worlds of life - Personal & Professional

Our lives comprise of two worlds, the one where we are called by our pet name, The “Personal” and the one where our designation comes before our name, The “Professional”.

Both the worlds are equally important to us and a balance between them is vital to keep us physically and mentally strong. A mess between the two can end up in a World War, where you will be the only one shot dead either by the boss at home or in the office, without even being declared a martyr.
So the art of successfully balancing the professional responsibilities along with personal priorities is the need of the hour.

When in office focus and concentrate on your work and don’t get distracted by world’s most addictive thing called social media. It will have a direct impact on your quality of work as well as you won’t be able to complete your deliverables on time. It will make your frustrated, will hinder your progress and also there are chances that you will carry work at home which will eat up your family time, especially the time that belong to your partner.

Patience and humbleness is the key to a successful relationship. Never vent out the frustration or anger of office on your partner, he/she is not with you for that.
Out of millions of people he/she has chosen you because your partner believes that you are the one who will treat him/her in the most special and respectful manner, so don’t let your partner think otherwise.

Manage your time and set priorities.
If your time is important the time of your family members, especially your partner is also equally important. Never let your work load eat up that time.
You near and dear ones are with you not to live their life according to your work schedule, so give them their freedom and space.
Earning money is important but the most precious thing in this world is the smile on the face of your beloved and that will be always there if give you them time and make them believe that they hold the highest priority in your life.

Always keep your hobbies and passions alive, your work might increase your bank balance but won’t increase your happiness or add another dimension to your personality.

When people achieve success in their work and reach new heights, they get into a superiority mode and consider the job of their family members, especially their partner as trivial.
Always remember if your job and dreams are important the job and dreams of your partner are equally important and you should always give due respect to them.

And most importantly, near let the emotional turmoil or breakdown of your personal world affect your professional side. You have responsibilities and duties towards your company and you can’t let them down because of your personal problems. Also there will be times when you will be working with a foreign client and at that instance not only the respect and value of your company but also the respect and value of your country will be at stake if you fail to perform, so always be composed.

Sometimes it becomes really hard to balance both the worlds because in the end you are a human being, but some careful planning and preparations and always sticking to your priorities will eventually help you master this art and give your pleasure, happiness and peace of mind of lifetime.
Also having a understanding, composed and loving partner is an added bonus.

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