Sunday, July 24, 2016

Be humble & modest as life is unpredictable..!!

Everyone want their life to be perfect, smooth and as per expectations but the truth is completely opposite of it. Life is the most unpredictable thing in this world.
You never know what will happen in the next moment, whether you will be alive or dead.

There are people who are very proud of their wealth and love to show off their toys of luxury.
One natural disaster like flood or earthquake takes everything away with it, leaving no difference between them and a beggar.

Some people have superiority complex because of their looks.
They mock others who are a bit out of shape.
Always remember a road accident, an infection or a fire can take away that physical charm, labeling you as the ugliest in the town but nothing in this world can take away the beauty of your soul.

Opportunities knock at everyone’s door, for some it comes early while for few it takes a longer time.
There are people who land a fat cheque paying job in early times of their life and eventually become haughty. They look down upon on those who are still struggling to find one.
Never let success of your career get into your mind and bring that superiority complex along.

Love is as unpredictable as life.
People become so crazy about their partner that they forget their family, friends and well-wishers.
There is no guarantee that a person you love will also keep on loving you, but the worst part is in the process you ignore and belittle those who genuinely love you and want your happiness forever.

Life is to be strong but not rude, bold but not bully, successful but not superior.
Today your ship is sailing smoothly in calm water, free from big waves but tomorrow it may have to face a storm.
So always be humble, modest and down to earth because these are the qualities which will make you a bigger and better person.

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