Saturday, July 30, 2016

Do we require shock absorbers in life ?

Life is the synonym of uncertainty. We start everyday of our life with a positive and optimistic node, having a wide smile on our face, but how long the smile will last is completely unpredictable.

Everyone come across problems in his/her daily life, some take an hour while some a week to resolve but in the end we are sure of getting through it and the life continues on it’s regular pace.
But there are situations when life becomes stagnant, mind goes into turmoil and there is surge of uncontrollable emotions, such situations are when a person is in “state of shock”.

Death or critical health condition of a very close person, Betrayal by someone quite trustworthy, a heart wrenching breakup, bankruptcy, or sudden change in the thinking and behavior of a person you love are some of the conditions which leaves you blank and clueless.

Every person has a different recovery time. Some might take few days to come out of a shock while for some it even takes months or in rare cases years to get back on track.

It is said that every second of your life is precious and should be utilized to the fullest but such situations take away a lot of that precious time.

A shock which is given by god or nature is tolerable as we know it was not under anyone’s control but a shock given by a human being takes its toll on us to a severe extent.
We may lose years of earned confidence and trust, not only in others but also in ourselves.
But the worst part is the self-doubt mode, where a person blames himself/herself for everything that has happened and buys whatever is said about him/her by others.
Mind become unstable and there is surge of emotions, right from pain, anger, sadness, hate, uneasiness, distress, insecurity and alienation, all at the same time.

It takes hours of self motivation and boosting everyday for unpredictable time to get the self- confidence back and part away the self-doubt mode.
But the most difficult part is to make mind stable, control emotions and get focus back in life which may take even months and years.

Shocks take away some of the most precious time of our life and can also have a severe impact on our health, personality and thinking. Yes they make us strong to face another one but what they take away in the process is incomparable.

So don’t you think that we should be fitted with shock absorbers which might take at max a week to put our life back on track and help us to do justice to our purpose of living?
Would love to hear your thoughts on the same…

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