Friday, July 22, 2016

How to sail your ship across a storm..!!

Life is an ocean and your ship is sailing across it.
Every day when you open your eyes you want it to be bright, with cool breeze and calm water making you love every moment of the sail but sometimes you are also confronted with a storm, which stays way longer than what you have predicted, bringing new challenges and obstacles every day.

Most of the people are not prepared to face it single handedly and in the process get drowned in the depths of the ocean with mere possibility of getting back to the surface again.

So how should we face such storms and keep our ship sailing across the gigantic ocean?

1. Believe in yourself
The difference between successful and unsuccessful people isn’t opportunity, intelligence or
     resources but the utter belief in one capabilities.

     During bad times people tend to lose confidence in themselves and their abilities.
     They forget that they are also a gem which has it’s own shine and charm.
     Self-doubt makes it’s way into their life.

     It is a famous saying, “When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt”.
     There will be people who will question your thoughts and principles and make you feel like a
     But if you want to sail your ship across the storm, recall your accomplishments and be proud of
     what you have achieved and the person you are.
2. Keep your hopes alive
The never give up attitude and strong will power holds the key to stay strong during a storm.
     A person who losses hope, losses his purpose of living.

     Change your strategy, try different options, look for alternatives and always be optimistic.
      Keep on motivation yourself.

     Always remember, “The greater the challenge, the greater the victory”.
     Don’t wait for hope, make your own hope and show the world what you are made up of.
3. Don’t be biased, think from all angles
Life’s most troubling moments often produce the most meaningful experiences.
     Hardships make you stronger, wiser and smarter if you can see the lessons in them.

     So to understand the important lessons associated with each meaningful experience it is necessary
     to have an unbiased perspective. 
     While analyzing the real root cause of a situation or a problem, there will be times when your
     beliefs, principles and thoughts will be put to question, things will be unpleasant and  
     uncomfortable for you, but if you are mature and strong enough to carry an unbiased view,  
     thinking from all angles,you will get the best optimized solution.

4. Always try to find the brighter side
Every coin has two sides and so does every person and situation.
     It totally depends upon us if we want to keep on sulking our whole life seeing the darker
     side or be happy and content by observing the brighter one.

     Even if you lose out on opportunities, become alone in life or have to bear losses, always see the
     hidden positive part associated with it.

5. Don’t be influenced, take your own decisions
During hardships we tend to lose our sense of judgment and decision making and get highly
     influenced by what others say and think and also believe in it.
     Sorry to say but major chunk of problems in our life occur because we are not capable of taking
      our own decisions which should be the outcome of our unbiased beliefs and principles. 

     Always remember a wise man makes his own decision while an ignorant man follows public
     So don’t be confused while taking big decisions of life as it can change your life completely.

6. Set priorities and stick to it
During tough times it is very important to set priorities in life and stick to them.
      If you have to wake up early, do that.
      If your addictions are making your life hell, have self control.

      If you are able to stick to your priorities and get things sorted and settled, the satisfaction earned
      will be out of this world and it will leave a very positive impact on your life which will help you 
       in facing the adverse conditions.

7. Value time
It is not only important to value our own time but also the time of others.
     There is a famous saying that “Time and tide waits for none”, so it is of upmost importance to
      understand it’s worth.

8. Always be grateful to those who lend a helping hand
And finally always be grateful and thankful to those who have lend you a helping hand and saved
      you from drowning when your ship was wrecked into pieces by the storm.

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