Monday, February 29, 2016

The shocking truth : Happiest people of the world are Liars

Scene 1
An employee who is honest and truthful confesses his mistake in-front of his boss without playing the blame game.
As a result he is also considered responsible for all other mistakes made from the past and gets the lowest rating among the team.

The Blame game players on the other hand are considered hardworking and sincere and are praised with top ratings.

Scene 2
A true friend advices his friend to live in reality, confront his imperfection and not get into the flattering words of fake & selfish people whose only aim is to get their work done.
In return he is titled as jealous, pakao and superior soul who loves to mock others. 

The Flatterers on the other hand are considered well wishers and great humans.

Scene 3
You love someone crazily. You feel that being loyal, truthful and honest to your partner is the most

essential thing in a relationship. You share your deepest secrets and weaknesses, your dreams and fantasies.
But my friend you are not aware about the fact that those dreams can make you self centric, those secrets will be used against you and those weakness will be used to take your advantage.

The Fakers on the other hand are considered caring, modest and selfless lovers.

Scene 4
You are in love with someone and you want to marry him/her after getting blessing from your elders because those are your sanskars. But when you confront them, you are been blackmailed, emotionally as well as financially. Restrictions, doubts and accusations will become part and parcel of your life.

The Liars on the other hand are considered maa ka lal or baap ki bitiya, treasure of sankars and morals. 

Scene 5
In general life too everyone is busy fooling and bluffing others for his/her own benefit.

If a fairness cream says that it won't cause any effect to your skin even after wasting thousand of bucks on it and also there are chances of getting some kind of skin infection, will you buy it?

On similar lines do big restaurants and hotels tell us what quality of food stuff are they using ?

90% of businesses fill their pockets telling lies and people are satisfied with their service.

So why be labelled , tortured and accused for speaking the truth.
Let people listen what they want and that is a "BIG FAT LIE".


  1. Very nice.....important for everyone.....thanks for share.....

    1. Glad you liked it..thnx for dropping by..would love to see u more often :)