Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Essential Features of a future Smart Truck..!!

In today’s world everything is transiting from being ordinary to smart, few examples of the transition are Smart-TVs, Smart-Phones, Smart-Watches and Smart-Cars. 
Its an era of change and we are loving this transition, aren’t we?

Humans are making progress in all walks & sectors of life and one big sector to watch for is Automobile & Transportation.
Today we have Super/Smart Cars and Bikes but with time we have felt the need to have a smart vehicle which can cause a revolution in the transportation industry and that can certainly be a Smart Truck.

The road transportation industry is growing at a great pace, with improved road infrastructure and rising domestic consumption, the transportation market is expected to boom at a significant rate.
To sustain this boom it is very important to modernize the most important means of transportation in India, Trucks.

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So let’s focus on the major factors/features that can convert an ordinary truck into a smart truck, which is the need of the hour.

1. FuelSmart -:
In India where everyday there are millions of vehicles running on the road, there are high chances of traffic jams. In such situations you have to drive at a snail's pace, which in turn has a negative effect on the mileage.

Also the load of the cargo is big and the distance to be covered is huge, so for the Indian roads and conditions a truck needs to be FuelSmart which is the topmost requirement for a Smart Truck.

In current times Mahindra Blazo has brought a smart new technology, present in form of 3 switches which provides unbeatable mileage without compromising on the power which certainly brings it closer to be called a Smart Truck.

2. Powerful Engine -:
A Smart truck has to travel through rough terrains, climb inclined roads and carry heavy loads over long distances. To achieve the above conditions and also fulfill all the business needs it is necessary for the truck to have a powerful engine.
If we see the current fleet of trucks available in the market, Mahindra Trucks lead the race with their world renowned m-POWER engines which are among the most powerful engines in the HCV segment in India.

These m-POWER engines deliver maximum power, improved responsiveness and fuel economy and their unique modular engines ensures lower maintenance & repair costs.

3. Driver’s Heaven
Any automobile can’t be called smart until it is a driver’s heaven.
Air conditioning, comfortable seats, enough leg space, chemical toilet and automatic driving are few of the most important features a Smart Truck should possess.

4. Safety Features
In India it is really disappointing to find that least importance is given to the safety of people while building automobiles.
For example the traditional trucks still doesn’t have sensors (that signals a warning when a driver is fatigued or when there is some obstacle head & the driver is not slowing down), rear view camera (for taking reverse) and airbags.
The above safety features and many more like them should definitely be present in a Smart Truck.

The traditional truck industry needs lot of technological advancements to fulfill the dream of building the first Smart Truck in India. Companies like Mahindra and Tata Motors are the pioneers in this initiative and I hope that they will succeed soon in their mission.

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  1. Nice, guess this might become a reality some day soon!

    1. I hope the same Alok..thanks for dropping by..would love to see you more often..:)

  2. well, it is becoming a reality real soon :-)

    Cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co