Saturday, February 13, 2016

11 ideas to surprise her this Valentine..!!

The day of romance, sizzling chemistry and sparks all around has finally arrived.
Yes it's 14th Feb, the day of love which is celebrated all over the world as Valentine Day.

It is a day full of surprises, proposals, red roses, gifts, kisses and some heartbreaks too.
A special day when you make your partner feel out of this world.

So here are 11 ideas from my side for all the he's to surprise their she's this valentine.

1. Pamper your girl on this valentine and book a spa session together.
    Indulging in pure bliss with lots of romantic talks will definitely make her day.

2. Girls love shopping and the best way to treat her this valentine is to sponsor an online shopping
    spree for her. She will definitely treat you with a return gift when her shopping is done ;)

3. Bring her favorite movies dvd home and enjoy the movie marathon together.

4. Girls like long drives and believe me when it is an Audi, Jaguar or BMW she will love it.
    Rent one of those luxury car for a day and make her feel like a princess.

5. You must have captured lots of beautiful memories together in your DSLR or Mobile and now is 
    the time to make a Collage or PPT out of it with some really romantic captions tagged to each 
    one of them.

6. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach is a famous idiom which also holds true for the 
     opposite sex. Take help from youtube and make her favorite dishes. I assure you she is going to 
     love it.

7. Ask your common friends to make a video each, saying something about you & your partner, 
    like how you both look together, how is your bonding and finally describing your relationship in 
    their own words. Make a movie out of it and I am pretty sure your girl will love this surprise.

8. A bottle of champagne, red roses, heart shaped balloons floating around, sensual smelling candles,
    exotic food and some romantic music under the stars.
    All these on a beach or at the rooftop will definitely make her on cloud 9.

9. If she loves visiting orphanages or old age homes, today is the day to take her there.
    Valentine's is not only about loving each other but also spreading that love among those who    
    yearn for it the most.

10. Women love jewellery and when it is a diamond she will have a sparkle in her eyes.
      Gift her a diamond this valentine and she will make sure that the rest of the year is filled with 

      sparks of love ;)

11. Take her to all those places where you guys had your first together.
      Place where you met for the first time, where the proposal happened
your first date venue,
       had the first kiss and the list can go on.

And yeah one free advice, if your girl is crazy about some daily soap celebrity, a cricketer or a bollywood star, this is the best time to find someone rational ;)

                I wish all the lovely couples a very happy Valentine's day. Enjoy the day together.


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