Monday, February 15, 2016

An Angry Tax paying Indian open letter to all Anti-Nationals..!!

You curse a political party,
I don't care as it is your right of speech.

You abuse a celebrity,

I don't give a damn.

If you compare India with other developed nations,
And conclude that we still have a lot to achieve, I will concur.

Even if you are against giving death penalty to a terrorist,
I am fine with your senseless thinking.

But if abuse and defame my country or show disrespect to the martyrs, 
I will tear you apart into pieces and throw you back where you belong to.

Dear Mentally retarded, Logically dead, Anti-Indians,

I am a common man, popularly known as the mango man of India.
Normally I am quite chilled out, fun loving person. I mind my own business and happily pay tax to the Indian government. I am aware of my rights and also follow my duties.
I take care of my family and feel proud of all those Indians who are making my country proud.

But today I am quite disturbed, agitated, angry, surprised & focused.

Disturbed because some bloody bastards have been found in my country who are chanting
Anti-India slogans in a reputed Indian University as quoted below -:
1. Bharat tere tukde honge, inshallah-inshallah.
2. Afzal tere khon se inqilab aayega.
3. Afzal hum sharminda hai tere katil zinda hai
4. India go back, bharat ki barbadi tak jang rahegi.
5. Kashmir will go back to Pakistan.
6. Afzal hum tere armano ko pura karke rahenge.

Agitated & Angry because I am a responsible citizen of my country who respects it's integrity to the core and will not tolerate anyone defaming it, that too when my country is providing shelter and subsidized education to him/her.
Also I am proud of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives protecting my motherland and it's citizens.
I will condemn and even pick weapon to throw those bastards out of India who show disrespect to them and support terrorists involved in killing any Indian.

I am surprised to see reactions of political parties who are condemning the arrest of such
Anti-National, Anti-Social elements. I wonder how can parties in opposition be so irrational and anti-national that they are playing their dirty politics even in a case where their own country has been defamed and a terrorist has been portrayed as hero.
I am really really ashamed of them to the core of my heart. It is better to have a hiltor rule than such opportunists & hypocrites.

And I am focused because now this is not just limited to debates in News Channel Studios or bloody blame games played by the political parties. This is an uprise of Anti-India notions, this is an encouragement to the idea of dividing India into pieces, this is a movement, a mission led by some handful anti-nationals against each Indian to support Pakistan & it's terrorists.

So I am also focused and determined to pick a weapon if that is the only way left to throw these bastards from my country to where they belong.

Last but not the least I am also a sincere taxpayer of this country who struggles day and night to earn my livelihood and feed my family. If my hard earned money is used to nurture anti-national elements, I will no more remain a common man but will become a MAN AT WAR...