Sunday, June 1, 2014

22 Friends you will always have

1. I want to know everything
    This person wants to know everything, right from what you eat, what you like, do you have a love life,
     how many relationships you had, did you ever kiss and god knows what all..blah..blah..blah continues.

2. Chic Enquirer
     This friend of your's want to know about every damn girl you have a pic with.
      Whenever you put a pic with opposite sex, he is the first one to comment  "Bhai left wali kaun hai".  

3. 2 a.m. friend
   This person is probably your best buddy. You can call him/her anytime, may be it is day or night.
     You can pour your heart out, share secrets and talk on anything extending upto hours.

4. Follow you everywhere(Chipko)
      These friends are the brand ambassador of Fevicol or are inspired from the hutch dog.
      Wherever you meet them, they will be glued to you. There is only one place where you
       can be saved, Washroom.

5. The nothing friend
     This person holds the Guinness World Record of having the smallest vocabulary.
       There is only word in his/her dictionary and it is "NOTHING".
       If you ask how's life, the answer will be nothing great.
       If you ask what's new, the answer will be nothing.
       If you ask what's going on , the answer will remain the same , nothing.

6. Tantrum/Attitude Queen
    Everyone has this specie in their friend list. They are born princess or I must say angels who are
      unfortunately send to earth to suffer with the common people. For them everything is mismanaged,
      messy, filthy and unhygienic.

7. The Fekus
    You just give them a single chance to talk and they will make the Tata's/ Ambani's and Birla's
       feel inferior, Khans and Bachchans will take acting tips from them , youth of his country
       will seek flirting tips and all the Guinness world records for the biggest, largest , tallest..etc etc
       will go to them.

8. Friend or More
    This is a confusing specie with whom your relationship will always change gears.
       The following cycle will always continue
       Stage 1           Stage 2         Stage 3       Stage 4
       Hi hello --> Best friends -->  Flirting --->  Lovers and then they will have a fight and back to          stage 1.

9. I know everything
    These persons are the self proclaimed "sarvgyani". They know tit and bit of everything and are ready to
      shower you with their gyanvani even if you haven't called for.

10. Mr/Miss Showoff 
     These shoes I have got from woodland for 3000 bucks, Ray ban shades, how are they looking ?
        Yesterday I  did shopping of 11k , had to purchase some formals for office.
        These are those people who are born with silver spoon and if not then too they leave no opportunity
        to showcase themselves as Richie rich.

11.Just for purpose
     These friends are just for some purpose. Professional contact friends, Cricket friends, blogger friends
        are some examples.

12. Neta/Don/Dadas
      They will protest against everything you say and try to impose their points on you. Shouting without
         purpose, accusing without facts and senseless talks are what they love to do. Bragging , fights and
         dadagiri are their favorite timepass.

13. Born Brat
      Bold, beautiful & bindass are what people call them. Always ready with their pranks,
         pain in ass and extremely extrovert are their characteristics.

14. The Real Genius
      There are some extraordinary people in this world and you always have one of them in your friend list.
         At the time when you just want a job in an MNC, this person will have patents in his/her name,
         whitepaper published at international level , top MNCs of this world bidding to get him/her in.

15. The Pessimist 
      My BF is having an affair, I will fail in exams, I want to commit suicide, I hate everyone in this world
         are their personal favorites. They always carry a negative vibe and keep on sulking on petty issues.

16. Sexily Confused
      These species love to imitate the opposite sex. Their gestures makes the same sex uncomfortable.
         It is said in a humorous manner that mother wanted a girl and father a boy, but god gave them
          a different gift..;)

17 Cousins of Owl
      The night riders. These species are born in India but follow the time line of US. They will sleep when
         the whole country works and get recharged when battery of 90% of Indians die.
         You can call them any time in the night and they will be happily playing games, reading novels
         or flirting with the opposite sex.

18 Drama Queen
      Tears are her best friends and dialoguebazi is her hobby.
         She loves to create scene on petty issues and as a famous hindi proverb says
         "Baat ka batangad".

19 Chindi Friend
         These people fall below the poverty line of India.
         They carry a myth that their friends are running some government policy which provides them
          free food and drinks. Shamelessly they will always show their empty wallet and will be keen to
          become the object of sympathy.

20 Casanova/Coquette 
     For them the 3 F's go together
       Friendship, Flirt and the last one you know better.;)
       Flirting is in their blood. They are good with words and flattering.

21 Backstabbers/ Two Faced Friend
        These people are the most dangerous specie of so called friends. They are fake, selfish and opportunist.
        In front of you they will be so humble, polite and well wisher but their other face will always want you
        to fail and suffer. They will use you like tissue paper and throw you when done.

22 Virtual World friends
     Also know as the social media buddies.These people increases your profile pic likes on Facebook,
        retweet your tweets on Twitter, add you to different groups on Whatsapp.
        You have never met them, even in some cases haven't seen them also but there is a virtual bonding.


  1. Heyy Ankit its indeed a great article..its actually very true, many of my friends relate a lot with this post of yours and I would love to know in which category of all 18 categories I fall in your friend list😊

    1. Hi Surbhi,
      I am glad that you and your friend like it..
      You tell me which category do you think you belong to ?

  2. Hey Ankit,

    What an Analysis man! I never knew you have 18 different how did you collate all this...did you talk to your friends and asked about you :P :P *Just Kidding*

    1. just a small correction 22 different friends....nwys yeah I did..:P