Sunday, June 8, 2014

What if boys were also starred, bullied and teased by girls..

P.S : This post is just for humor. 

1. I was catching a Mumbai local and unfortunately got into Ladies compartment.
    Dude it was a Churchgate slow train and I wanted to get down at Andheri station but I was pulled inside
    and not left still Churchgate came. I can't say what all happened..sob sob.

2. Dad I will not go out alone. 3-4 MunniBhais have their adda at the end of the lane.
    They pass lewd comments like "Oye Chikane, bike par lift do kya", "Aaja item movie dikhayongi".

3. Guy to his friend -: I will not go to any party where drinks are served. Last night 3 wild girls
    intentionally tried to get me drunk and take advantage as my GF was not with me..:(

4. My GF has told me to call her whenever I am alone in the office or bus with a girl.
    Sometimes she also drops me till my home when I have to work late hours.

5. It's so risky to wear shorts or sleeveless tees even when it is so hot.
   Girls just stare continuously as if they don't have men at their home.
    Last time I had waxed by chest and it became embarrassing as the girls were peeping in so much
    that I have to put on the collar button.

6. BF to GF, please ask your BFFs to be in limit, yesterday one of them started flirting and asked
    me to come alone to Nariman Point.

7. Late night parties, trip which has night stay and roaming around with girls is strictly not allowed at
    my home. Last time Big bro got stuck with a gang of drunk girls and he somehow managed to flee
    with clothes on.
8.  1st year college guy to his friend -: Dude you know I have got the maximum proposals in first
     year. The count is now 20. Abhishek is second with 18. Also there are two boys who have got
     none, poor fellows.

9. In boys hostel - Dude it has become really difficult to peep out of the window even in morning
    hours. The girls from the nearby hostel always make embarrassing gestures especially those whose
    rooms fall right in front of us.

10. Yaar, yesterday traffic jam was a nightmare for me. There was this gang of girls on bikes who had
      tattoos all over their body and were around 6 feet each. I just 5 feet 2 inch was stared at with such
     intense gestures as if I was a Tandori Chicken ready to be served.

Any instances you like to add, just mention in the comments..:)

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