Sunday, June 29, 2014

My best treat ever..

I am a foodie and my taste buds are always busy, urging for more.
I love to try different type of cuisines. No wonder why it is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach which holds very true in my case.
Though I love trying different varieties but when it comes to a perfect meal I always want it to be Desi Indian style.  My mom and by God’s grace my GF is also perfect in cooking Desi meals.

 It was my Birthday.
As I had to go out with my family for dinner so I told my GF to have lunch together.
But she had planned something else and asked me to come at her place.
Well I know what is running in your mind now but our “GADI” didn't go in that direction..:P
I also came to know about the same after reaching her place..:P

So around 11 a.m., I was there at her door with champagne, prepared for the surprise, a bit nervous and excited, thinking about what I can be.
As the door was opened, a ravishing beauty, my princess was standing right in front.
To my surprise she was dressed in a Saree, looking drop dead gorgeous.
As I entered in I was lost. The air was filled with aroma of my favorite dishes whose sensation even got to my mind.

She blindfolded me and took me somewhere where the aroma got further intensified.
As the blindfold was removed I was agape.  All my favorite dishes were beautifully served on the dinning table.

As I was ready to eat till I die, something else also got my attention. It were those beautiful glasswares in which the dishes were served. No doubt that added to the beauty and made the dish more desirable.
When I noticed the brand it was Borosil, the same which my mom uses. Intelligent gal..:)

Let me run through the perfect mouthwatering meal served on the dinning table which included the below delicacies

Favorite dish of all Marwaris and pride of Rajasthani food was served in deep round casserole.
These flaky round baked Baatis were completely dipped in ghee ready to give your taste buds a pleasure of lifetime.  

Curd is my favorite and the most delicious dish made from it is Kadhi.
Beautifully served in a easy grip round casserole with Ghee floating at the top and smell of fresh curd are enough to mesmerize you, but when Kadhi is served hot you are definitely going to get addicted.

Dals are a ready source of proteins for a balanced diet and the most popular among them is
Toor Dal, also known as the yellow pigeon peas. Just pour some Nimbu in it and the sour taste will add to the delight of gulping it. When combined with Baati, it forms a deadly Combo which will even make all the Angreji Indians lick their fingers.

Next my eyes fell on the red hot beauty. It was lying their warm and soft in a beautiful oval dish, ready to melt in my mouth…wow…mmmmmm !!!
This lip smacking dish is none other than “Gajar ka Halwa” also known as the sweet carrot pudding.  After having one spoon of it, I remember Lays Ad, no one can have just one.
Adding to its beauty were Raisins, Cashews and neatly sprinkled Almonds at the top.
Delightfully delicious is what I will say about this absolute beauty.

Gram flour dumplings flavored with dry species lying lazily in gravy of curd were looking amazingly beautiful.
This famous dish from the land of Rajasthan, “Gatte ki sabji”  is an add on with Dal-Baati.

Long grained rice flavoured with exotic Indian spices, layered with fresh vegetables and paneer in thick gravy was lying hot in a beautiful rectangular dish. Yes it is my all-time favorite rice dish, Veg Hyderabadi Biryani. Now I was confused what to taste first between the two B’s,  Baati or Biryani. My GF solved the problem by feeding me the ever yummy “Gajar ka Halwa”.

This easy to make great taste add on, versatile Indian condiment was placed beautifully in a small glass Katories.  Coriander Chutney also known as Hari Chutney is a must when you eat delicacies like Dal-Baati.

When you eat a heavy heal in summer there should be a drink which makes you digest it and at the same time is the yummiest of the lot. Pudina Chaas, an old time favorite drink was beautifully served in the Galaxy Glasses.  Another favorite of mines made from curd.

Finally crispy and flaky Indian flatbread called Parathas whose each layer was shining with Ghee were neatly placed in the container.

I asked my GF if she made it all alone and her reply made me feel SO SO blessed and fortunate.
She and our mutual friend Sneha got up at 6 in the morning to make me feel so special, to prepare my favorite meal. I hugged her tight, tears rolled down my eyes.
A girl who usually gets up at 11 and has strong aversion for heat, gets up at 6 in the morning and bear the heat for 5 long hours just to make me happy is nothing less than a goddess.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading what about your tiffinwala

    1. Pleasure man..:)
      haha..such treats are only for of the days tiffinwala zindabad

  2. Mr. Jain,
    Nice Post, worth to read. All the best for the Competition.

    Monica H. Mishra

  3. GF, ahem ahem! :)

    The worst part of reading food posts is you have all the cravings even after you are full.

    1. Seriously and when it is served to a foodie like me..
      Yeah she is a great cook..*wink*