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Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, for those who want nothing else than perfection....

January 27 was a day when history was made...It was the first time Steve Jobs introduced to the world to something called ipad...from that day tablet became something other than what you take when ill..A group of tablets came to ruin the apple's party..but in vain...Apple relaxed till something called Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 was introduced in the market by the biggie "Samsung" on 10th August 2011..

The star of galaxy was too big for the small apples to handle....:P

So what makes Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 the most desirable tab on earth...
Lets have a look at its exciting features which makes you crazy about it..

Dimensions: Size of 256.7 x 175.3 x 8.6 mm and a weight of just 565 grams.

The first appealing thing about this tab is its impressive looks and weight...
Samsung has adopted a widescreen design with the Galaxy 10.1. While other tablet manufactures like Acer too have adopted similar form-factors, the implementation on the Galaxy Tab is superior thanks to its being ultra light at 565 grams making it more comfortable for over extended periods of use. And yes, it is lighter than the iPad 2 - by a minute 36 grams.
The comparisons with iPad 2 don't stop here as the svelte Galaxy Tab 10.1 snatches the tag of the world's thinnest tablet from the iPad 2 by 0.2-mm. 8.6-mm vs 8.8-mm may seem negligible but it matters a lot when it comes to heavy usage.

Display: 10.1″ wide HD display with 16 million colors, the capacitive type
touchscreen,16:10 image aspect ratio and WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800

The 10.1 inch display adds feather to its crown...The 1280 x 800 pixels resolution guarantees a crisp and picturesque images of those memorable moments who always wanna remember...The display also support high definition playback.. Since it is capacitive and multi-touch type, the sensitivity of the screen is perfect and it has fast touch response. You can write on this Tab’s keyboard at the same speed as you write on your computer’s keyboard and the response speed is comparatively higher than the tablets in this segment.

Operating: Android Honeycomb OS 3.1

The Galaxy Tab 750 runs on the latest iteration of the Android Operating system developed by Google- Android 3.1 (Honeycomb).But to differentiate the Galaxy Tab from their Android competitors in India??...Came the answer.. It was TouchWiz UX, the Android skin implemented on the Galaxy Tab which makes it superior to other tabs...

Processor: 1 GHz Dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor

When a 1GHz NVidia Tegra 2 processor and 1GB of RAM power a device, we expect it to be a speed demon and so it is...The device is very smooth and the performance is predominant.
Multitasking is never been so easy on a tab, thanks to the robust NVidia processor..

Multimedia: Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AAC Plus, eAAC +, AMR and MIDI.
Video: MP4, 3GP, WMV, DivX, XviD, H.264 and H.263.

Thanks to 10.1″ wide WXGA HD display which makes our day when playing favorite movies and videos in high definition and also to NVIDIA Tegra 2 for the speed it gives to the Tab.
It supports most of the popular audio and video format available under the sky..The audio quality is of great power and plays music sharply even at maximum volume..
So simply Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 rocks in the multimedia category.

Synchronization: Bluetooth 3.0, Direct Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and A-GPS
and Connectivity

As always with Android devices syncing is probably amongst the easiest things to do. The same can be done on the Galaxy Tab, but Samsung has stepped up the game with the 'Kies Air' Wi-Fi sync application. All one has to do is connect to a Wi-Fi network . The app will reproduce an IP address, which we need to type in our browser, and voila! We have access to all the data. We can drag and drop files, save messages and much more.


And the most exciting of all features is Samsung’s proprietary UI- TouchWiz.
Apart from the standard Google apps, The Galaxy Tab 10.1 brings in much more utility thanks to TouchWiz UX.

some of the most important apps include the following:

1. Samsung Hubs
2. Samsung Mail
3. Gmail
4. Kobo eBooks
5. Pen memo
6. Photo Editor
7. World Clock
8. Polaris Office

The most promising is Samsung hubs: namely the Social hub which basically aggregates all information from one's E-mails, Facebook and Twitter and Music hub which is not available in India.
I am very much excited to play Angry Birds on my galaxy tab...
To read my review on angry birds please click here and promote it if u like it..

Other Features which though general, but adds to the beauty of the tab are...

Camera: 3 Megapixel with LED flash, 720p HD video recording, auto-focus, smile
detection,image stabilizer and Geo-tagging.

The front 3 Megapixel camera is idle for all those who are not a pro in photography. We get many options such as white balance, focus modes, Scene Mode, effects and Geo tagging.

Battery: Li-Po type with 7000 mAh capacity

The battery incorporated with Galaxy Tab 750 is Li-Po type with 7000 mAh capacity.
On moderate use i.e playing music and watching movies the battery lasts for 8-9 hours which
is pretty good as compared to other tabs..

Connectors: 30-pin dock connector port and 3.5mm stereo headphone jack

User are given the choice to choose their earphones, so one an select from a wide range available..


The dual surround sound speakers will surely make my experience of watching a movie or listening to music come lively and rejuvenating..

Finally coming to

The Verdict

I can easily say that Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is best of the rest and a close competitor to Apple Ipad-2. It is excellent in terms of quality of materials and fairly complete in terms of features.
So just go for it...pick it right away...:)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch Event in India

click here to watch it


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