Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flinging birds at the pigs can't get more addictive than dis!!!....

These days it is all about the apps. There are apps for iOS. There are apps for Android. There are apps for Windows Phone 7. Now there are apps for Macs, and thanks to Intel, there are apps for netbooks … and a great new way to find what’s out there.
Intel’s AppUp is “Your source for netbook apps”. It is a great resource for anyone who has a netbook, and it is worth checking out even if you don’t.

AppUp is a free download for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Moblin that lets you find, download and update all the apps you need for fun and productivity. Installing AppUp takes just a few seconds, and it can be found here on the AppUpp site. From there you can browse an ever-growing app collection and install the ones you like on your netbook.

Now coming to the most favorite App of all "Angry Birds".

Popular Games of the past

There was a time when we used to quarrel with our brothers/sisters to get the remote of the TV video game to play “Super Mario”. One more popular game of those days was “Dave” . There began a trend in the Gaming after the late 90s . Every electronic company tried to add gaming feature to their electronic devices. For ex. TV, Cell Phones, PC, even for calculators and Watches do came loaded with games as the Gaming era went on deeper.

There is a myth in Gaming world that, only High definition games of huge sizes (in GBs) are good to play. It isn’t that right. Games like Snake, Dave & Mario are great examples of how the simplest concept can be turned into an extremely addictive game. Of course yes, games become addictive not just because of their complication, It is all whats there inside the game and not how much the game is.

The concept of Angry Birds

Such a game is the little “Angry Bird” developed by developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile. Which was the Largest selling app on the Apple’s iTunes in the last year. Angry Bird was shot to be so famous just by a simple and devilishly addictiveness the game consists. The most pretty thing in the game is the cute characters which comes in. As soon as the Game started earning millions on iPhone, iPad and other devices. Android version was soon made for the users which was given away for free.

Finally came the PC version

As the popularity of the games went on building, a PC version of the game was released by the Intel AppUp store (a PC app store) which became made easy for almost anybody to play the Angry Bird game. All you need to play is 4.99$ to get this game for your PC from AppUp store. which is not so expensive compared to other games we buy on Internet. Although it doesn’t look much economical , It is worth playing it on PC.

Characters of the Game

Red– Wood Breaker
Blue– Glass Jaw
Green– Parabeak
Yellow– Mocking Bird
Black– Kamikaze Bird
White – Egg Beater

My opinions

The Game is well carved and polished, with only one drawback that you cannot get the scores updated for your PC version of the game from the mobile version of the Angry Bird.

The concept of the Angry Bird is so simple yet addictive, The players launches the Birds using a slingshot to destroy the pigs stationed on or within other various structures. Player will also get special birds with more features as the games proceeds further.

Angry Anna came the Angry birds way

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