Friday, August 19, 2011

Best time to Invest in the D-street..

Thought the bloodshed in the D-street continues for the second week too, it has brought the blue chip scripts to very attractive levels where one can invest for long term say 2-3 years time and can earn quite a good amount.For those who are novice to this market and don't have much capital to invest.Those who want to start investing and are looking for an opportunity to enter the market..well this is the one..golden opportunity..

So here are some of my top picks for you guys..
Some of the best companies to invest and the investment prices are as follows..

stocks price quantity total

wipro 310 20 6200
Tata Motor 700 10 7000
DLF 175 20 3500
ICICI Bank 800 10 8000
yes bank 250 20 5000

There are many more blue scripts you can invest in but for the beginners who want to invest safely and without taking much of are some from my portfolio..
Enjoy earning...:)

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