Thursday, August 4, 2011


This is something really personal. I'd written it a couple of Months back. Something I heard on a day a real close friend of mine really broke down. This is her life, This is dedicated to her...

"Will u leave me ?" You asked. I said "I'd never !"
Love's made to sever, I'm beginning to See
Is love eternal ? Does it last forever ?
I loved you then, why would i desire to be free ?
I still live with you, darling you still don't know
I hate you now, have I stooped so low ?
My feelings, my emotions have ceased to grow,
The person you desire, that can't be me !

Your hand in my hand, so healing was that touch,
The time you were away, I'd missed them so much,
The angel I saw in you, I was used to that crutch,
Don't take him away God ! He is my dream...
But when you touch me now, I'm burning Inside,
This torture, this pain, I just cannot hide,
Endless days are past, years have I cried,
With u I can't live, U can't without me !

Day after day, I see love in your eyes,
Day after day, I've to live with my lies,
Runnin forever's your laughter, my cries,
I'm blank, I'm blind, where will this lead ?
I want to see bliss in you, so I can't say,
For hurting you dear, God will make me pay,
But how will I hide, I can't lead you astray,
My heart will be aching, till you too hate me !

I can't love you now, I can't work it out,
This rain of pain makes me scream, makes me shout,
Is this what eternal love's all about,
I'm left with nothing, I just wanna break free...
I can't see you hurt, neither can I take pain,
This guilt, my heart will drive me insane,
I won't let you die, i wont let you gain,
Just one of us will live, the other will be Me !

When I look at it now, all those memories come screaming back to me. That will be one day I won't forget. Things have changed now, but memories remain forever ...