Monday, April 10, 2017

CASHe - India's Fastest App only lending company

The stage was all set, doldrums were heard all around, people were excited and were awaiting the big announcement to happen.
Yes the event was pretty grand after all it was the first-anniversary celebration of CASHe, India’s fastest growing app-only lending company and it was my pleasure to be part of the celebration.

When the occasion is for the next generation, the venue can’t be less than something awe-inspiring and happening so Hard Rock Café, Worli was where the celebrations happened.

About CASHe
CASHe, India’s fastest growing app-only lending company, provides immediate short-term personal loans to young professionals based on their social profile, merit and earning potential using its proprietary algorithm based machine learning platform.

It is the brainchild of Aeries Financial Technologies Pvt. LTD who launched this innovative technology driven lending platform in April 2016.

The target audience includes young working professionals in the age group of 23-35 years. The loan limit ranges from INR 5000 to 1,00,000 payable over 15, 30 and 90 days.

Here are the key highlights of the company
1. Currently, it is disbursing loans worth INR 1 crore per day.
2. There had been over 1,25,000 app downloads on Google Play and over 2,000
    downloads on the app store.
3. Enlisted on Rubique, a leading financial product distribution platform in March
4. Among the top players in the app only lending business.

About the event
The event commenced with the presentation as Mr. V. Raman Kumar, Chairman, Aeries Financial Technologies Pvt. Ltd took center stage. It was a beautiful and inspiring presentation which portrayed the journey of CASHe from a startup to one of the distinguished players in the app lending industry.

On this occasion Mr. Raman made a series of special announcements which were as below -:
1. CASHe raises 25 crores in a series A funding from an investor group led by
    Mr. Mathew Cyriac and advised by Florintree Advisors. 
2. Mr. Cyriac joins the Board of Directors of CASHe as an Investor Director.
3. Mr. Pulak Ghosh, renowned data scientist and professor of Quantitative Analysis
     at IIM(B) appointed as an independent director.

He also thanked the new investors for showing interest in CASHe, applauded each and every employee for the commitment shown in the last one year and welcomed Dr. Pulak Ghosh and Mr. Mathew Cyriac to the Board of Directors.

The presentation concluded with Q&A session where the big guns of CASHe, the board of directors were on the stage to answer the queries.

After the session ended we bloggers thought to have a quick conversation with one of the esteemed customers of CASHe to know his/her experience with the company.
Mr. John joined us for the talk.
A series of questions were shot at him which he answered with quite positivity -:

Q. How was your experience with CASHe?
A. It was hassle free. Using the app is quite easy. You just have to upload 3 docs and

Q. How was the experience with Customer Care?
A. He chuckled and said I didn’t had to call Customer Care once also as everything is
     mentioned in the app itself.

Q. What’s the best thing about CASHe?
A. Well everything about CASHe is awesome so I don’t know which one to choose
      as the best one.

It was quite clear from the conversation how in just one year CASHe was successful in transiting from a startup to a renowned company.

Next we had a round of discussion with the Consulting Head of CASHe to know more about the future plans and the roadmap of the company.
He answered each of our questions with precision giving it a humorous touch.

The bar was open now and also the lunch was served.
Hard Rock Café never fails to impress me whether it is the ambiance, drinks or the food. After treating my taste buds to the sumptuous meal which nearly gave me a foodgasm it was time to head back home.

My Verdict
Being a young working professional myself I was really impressed by the concept of CASHe.
The main USPs of CASHe according to me are
1. Hassle free experience.
2. Instant personal loans on demand by just uploading some basic documents.
    The average time taken for a loan to disburse is just 8 minutes, so basically you
    get loans within minutes.
3. Industry’s first algorithm driven credit scoring platform.
4. User-friendly interface.

With customers trust, investor’s confidence and under the guidance of a robust higher management, CASHe is going to scale new heights and remain the number one player in the app only lending business in near future.
So if you are looking to apply for a loan online, you know where to head to.


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