Sunday, March 26, 2017

A girl in the town

She was looking at the emptiness. Her eyes seemed like connecting points and were moving towards infinity and searching for the end. The thoughts were in a chaotic jumble. She was splashing around them to find that one up in the air.  But all her efforts appeared bootless. The one impetus that could make her come out of the aloofness was inaccessible. But this is not what she would have imagined of when she first came in the town. Her eyes had the quest for her dreams. And the only one she had to count on was herself. But that singularity never bothered her the way it is occupying her now. She always knew that the course was going to be tough but one thing she was sure of was that she was not going to miss any beat. But how did she fail to hit the floor? Where was the fault? Whether on her side or somewhere else? Or did she really fail? All these thoughts were brewing in her mind. And she needed the rejoinder. Too early too soon. 
Suddenly, one day, she got a ping. An anonymous person had few words for her to say. He had bought back to the present what was lost in the past. Her veiled world and the rhetoric recounting of it couched in her own specific style. Back in time, she used to phrase her thoughts and hopes in verse with rhythms and flow. But that flow went down the level with others in queue coming up.
It was 11 o’clock in the night. She was just scrolling through her social media page. Out of the blue, a message notification came. She went through it. He was unknown to her. But his words brought some footprints from the past in front on the template of her memory card. That high opinion for her words bought back something which was lost in her a long ago and she really missed that part of her.

The words were like, ‘hey miss.. Though we don’t know each other but I feel connected to you when I make my thoughts dip into your words.. The way you commit words to paper, you make reader’s heart feel the true vibes behind it.. You just don’t jot down few precious moments but you make others rewind theirs’s too.. And that’s valuable.. keep doing this..  and now, allow me to pen down  few of verses of yours..”

“teri aankhoon ke khwaab ab meri zindagi ki tasweer ban gaye, chand lamhe jo tum thehre mere aangan mai wo pal mere liye taqdeer ban gaye”,

“Mere shaam-o-sehar mai tera saayaan bahut hai..
dil ki aarzoon mai khud ko tera paaya bahut hai..
dil-e-nadaan pyar mai magroor-e masroof hai..
ki khud ko haqiqat se mehroom rakhwaya bahut hai..
ae bekhabar massom sun jara (di-e-nadaan)..
wo jod chuka hai khud ko kisi aur hi ki kashti se..
ki tere kinaro ka uske sahilo se faasla bahut hai..
keh uss maazzi se jo kheeche hai teri kashtiyoon ko..
le jae unhe meri leharo ke daayro se kahi door..
teri doori mujhe dard degi har hadd tak ..
par teri nazdikiyoon ne bhi mujhe tadpaaya bahut hai”

And now she had that smile back on her face. Yes she worth it. Yes she had not failed. Yes she was meant to stand-up again, give a beating to falls and rise again to where she always wished for.

This was not the end, rather, a new beginning……………..

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