Saturday, March 11, 2017

UP and other states polls result: The beginning of new era in the realm of Indian politics

The results of just happened state assembly elections, especially Uttar Pradesh were crucial in many aspects. The equations were quite raw till now and the opposition had a boat to sail in the ongoing “Modi current” of the Indian Ocean (Politics). But now, raw has redefined itself to regal. And the current has changed its height to Tsunami (Modi tsunami). The BJP has swept Uttar Pradesh (Uttarakhand and to some extent Manipur) state polls today. The results put our flashback moments back to 2014 Lok Sabha battle, where Mr Narendra Modi single-headedly won the heart of the nation’s individuals (as per most of the media officials statements). Since in the UP elections, the BJP has not declared its Chief Ministerial candidate (like Bihar), the win is obviously connected to the Modi factor but do it subtlety explains the people’s verdict? Whether the people had made up their mind for the reason that is the lack of the other reasonable alternative or they really had an inclination for the BJP (known for communal politics which do play a major role in the mind of UP people) is still in vague. Let’s try to figure out some of major reasons behind the triumph (Trump way) over C(ongres + SP).

·        The BJP owes much of its success to its party chief Amit Shah who built a very successful strategy and intercepted the people’s emotional string really well (broad coalition of castes viz alliance with sub-regional parties, induction of Swami Prasad Maurya, Rajnath Singh as chief campaigner etc.).
·        Bihar is not repeated in the UP and local leaders were given their due importance by the saffron party (Keshav Prasad Maurya, Uma Bharti etc.).
·        Absence of chemistry (between SP and congress) needed to create history and the reaction resulted in non-accommodating by-products.

Effect Analysis
The focus point of anti-BJP (to be exact in words anti-Modi) campaigning was the aftermath of demonetisation. Since UP has considerable amount of rural voters who were worst hit by the “today’s pain, future-gain” note-bandi policy of the BJP, the opposition tried to yank its winning chariot with that whip but common people’s pulled them out of the cart and placed Modi in it. This would give confidence to the Modi government to take even more drastic measure in the name of greater good in coming months and years like the demonetisation.

Presently, BJP has 56 members in the Rajya Sabha, a number just below by 3 to the Congress’s strength but thanks to these elections outcomes, the numbers will now be revved up to around 80 for BJP in the upper house which will tilt scales in favour of BJP to pass many of the legislation that were, otherwise, opposed heavily by the Congress.

Owing to all the favourable conditions on the political scenario, now, BJP (or Modi-led government) have to prove its worth to the people and make them believe that yes, they are here for the betterment of the whole and not for any particular layer. Otherwise, we will meet soon. The risk card is now on the table. Let’s hope that people has not voted for the Hitler this time and communalisation would not become the new normal or liberalisation would not lose its gravity in Indian democracy, otherwise, we will meet soon.

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