Monday, April 17, 2017

Winsome romance got word from unknown heart

Every so often, we come across people who do not speak of anything spesh but their stories emboss charismatic print on our mind as well as heart. I too heard a one, a few days back from an unknown chick when I was travelling to Bangalore. Allow me to narrate that lovely spiel in her voice only.
I was sitting in his room. He was lying in my lap. My fingers were playing with his hairs and a little of smile sprinkled on his innocent face. Yes, once again, I fell for him and his priceless smile. We were only five-months old (since we have known each other) but it felt like that the bond was ages old. We had shared about the past and respected it with our heart. We are sharing each other’s present and evolving with it. And that day too we were together, albeit for small bits of moments. “Do you remember the moment when we started talking to each other?” he asked with a shine in his eyes. “Absolutely” I said. The constellation of felicity found its concluding star in my eyes. And I started roaming in flashback again. It was so all of the sudden, started in the flash of the moment. That was a heart-felt connection. All this started with a casual “hello”. And then, Bingo!! That hello soon changed into everyday talks about each other’s likes, dislikes, passions and dreams. After knowing enough of each other, we desiderated to meet. We started planning for that but one or other barricade showed up each time. Finally, one fine morning, I packed my bags, took the flight with no second thoughts and the other moment, me and my excitation both were in the air for a new and unknown yet much awaited journey. The flight landed right on the time. And as soon as we exchanged the glances at the exit of the Airport, I ran to him and hugged him as tightly as possible. And all he can say, “Beautifullll!!!!” and kissed me over the forehead. And in coming moments, my life was changed. And that day, after 5-months, I was there again, in his home, sharing plates of dinner with him, having dialogues on every petty or of the essence topic. And what’s surprising  to me is that contrary to my personality, sometimes, I just listen to his continuous talks; watch him with his very few yet extraordinary expressions; and in those jiffs, all I wish for a life-long togetherness with him. Yes, I fall for him again and again. Yes, I can get down on my knees and propose him to take all my stupidities and innocence till the infinity. Yes, I want him all. Yes, I want him forever.
And I can see the spark in her eyes. Like the bright sunshine. And her love for him was rolling down to her cheeks and bringing a million dollar smile on her face. The deadly combo of smile and tear was taking shape on her face. She has found life in him. They were like fire and air. She was as fierce as fire and he was as pacifying as air. But her blaze needs him! More than anything! Dependency is beautiful sometimes. Missing someone and being missed is beautiful sometimes. Vulnerability is beautiful sometimes. After all love is all about completing the incomplete. Finding the soul resonating with yours!!!

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