Sunday, March 27, 2016

Love is a Game of T20 Cricket..!!

In recent times, T20 Cricket and love marriages are considered to be among the hottest topics in India.
Anti-National and presstitute for sure top the list, but in this post we'll talk about the next two and see how they are related to each other.

PowerPlay (First six overs)
In a T20 the first six overs are where you can score the most, but you have to play smart otherwise you can end up losing your wicket.

Similarly the starting phase of a love life is where one of the partner, mostly the boy, tend to exhibit his skills and score the most i.e. try to impress the girl in the best way he can.
It is the time when he takes risks, couple of good dates (overs) can make him win the girl’s heart, but one mistake can also get him clean bowled.

Mid Overs (From 7 to 15)
In T20 this is the time to build a partnership and lay the foundation for a scintillating victory.
You need to be focused, have patience, bear pain, stay at the crease and keep on trying hard to get the score ticking. Also this is time when you reach milestones and cherish those awesome moments.

In love life also this is the most crucial time. After confessing your feelings to each other and starting a new relationship, it is very necessary to build the foundation for next 2-3 years until you become sure that he/she is the person you want to marry.
There will be crazy fights, sleepless nights and unbearable pain but you have to be at the crease thinking about the milestones your relationship has achieved and living those superb memories spend together.

Final Overs (16-20)
In T20 the final overs are where you need to hold your nerves and use your experience to setup a winning total. Here it is not your caliber but mostly the circumstances that make you lose the match.

In the same way in a love life when the partners are sure about spending their life together, the game goes to final overs when the families pitch in. You need to hold your nerves when convincing them because they will for sure make it really hard for you. Also blame it on circumstances but in some cases, the relationship comes to an end because of them. Things are not in your control and you can’t do anything about it.

The conclusion
Be it T20 Cricket match or love life, once you win, there is a sense of satisfaction, relaxation and accomplishment. You become emotional and thank god for supporting you at the right time.
Also there is lot of love and care, in T20 it comes from fans and in love life it comes from your soul mate.


  1. very intersting interpretation, enjoyed a lot reading this post.

    1. Glad you liked it Jyotirmoy..Thanks for your kind words.

  2. this was hilarious! You have drawn some great parallels.

    1. I am glad you liked it Kalpanaa, thanks for leaving your footprints..
      would love to see you more often..:)