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How Fashion is influenced by Politics..!!

Fashion has never been a separate entity. Fashion has always been at the core of a series of occurrences around the world. Inspirations are abound everywhere, and human life is intermittently connected through political and social systems. We can therefore, see eye to eye upon the subject that politics and fashion can be spoken of in the same breath. When we ponder upon politics, what really comes to your mind? Amidst the dirty gamble for power, we can recall some influential political players who have made tremendous fashion statements. These esteemed individuals were or are power figures in every way. Apart from their astounding political stature, their impact or influence on fashion cannot be ignored. Take a look at the personalities whose political identities have helped shape fashion as we know it.

1.       Jacqueline Kennedy


Jacqueline Kennedy was the First Lady of the United States, and was also a leading fashion icon. Being both popular and powerful, Jacqueline was careful to be nattily clad almost always. Her prim dresses matched with her signature pillbox hat and exquisite pearls would make her look like a vision. She would bare her well-defined shoulders to the maximum with sophisticated off-shoulder gowns and dresses. Trying out quirky elements like irregular sunglasses would only add to Jaqueline’s outward charm. 

2.     Benazir Bhutto


The first female prime minister of a Muslim country, Benazir Bhutto was a highly influential lady in the field of politics and fashion. In Pakistan, wearing the sari or western outfits had been outlawed in response to which Bhutto adopted the simple and sophisticated salwar kameez. A silky dupatta or a scarf would neatly crown her head, and she would appear indomitably in control of both her personal affairs and the affairs of her country.

3.       Princess Diana 

A phenomenal fashionista to reckon with, Lady Diana was a true-blue princess in every respect. She was a paradigm of grace and splendor. Much loved by her admirers and revered as a fashion icon, Lady Diana would wear all her ensembles with utmost charm and panache. The attractive, leggy princess was always on top of the fashion game; her statement blazer looks, the body-hugging sheath gowns and eclectic choices in hats have immortalized her as a powerful fashion icon in the minds of many. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has picked up on her late mother-in-law’s fashion instincts, and has wonderfully reinvented the same looks with as much flair. 

     4.       Indira Gandhi


Indira Gandhi was the indomitable female Prime Minister of India, who carried out the controversial Emergency in India. Successful and immensely powerful, Indira Gandhi would translate very strong sartorial vibes through her ensembles. Her bouffant-styled hair with its dexterous white streak gave a fashion fillip to her personality. Her elegant sarees would only add to her infectious charm as a political player and a fashion icon.

5.       Michelle Obama 

Michelle Obama has taken charge as First Lady, dishing out one stunning look after the other. Her fashion sensibilities are pretty versatile, and she brings colors and prints to life with flattering dresses and blazers. Her fashion sensibilities represent a great synthesis of power and prowess; she has truly become a fashion icon owing to the fact that she loves being comfortable in her own skin.
I am certain, that there are other political players, among both men and women whose style statement might’ve struck a chord with you. Although, in my estimation these ladies are among the rare few who can translate power through fashion effectively.

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