Sunday, March 13, 2016

How excess of Women Empowerment is doing wrong to the Men's World..!!

I have read lot of articles on women empowerment, women safety, women rights and women equalities. I agree with most of the things written in those articles but in recent times there have been hundreds of cases where men had become scapegoats because of misuse of certain rights given to the women and the Indian mentality which has been infused with excess of Women Empowerment.

To start with Women Empowerment was and will always be one of the best initiatives taken by the government and people of India.

People came out on the roads in thousands to protest against the rapists and sexual assaulters who had crossed all lines of humanity and shown their true face of a devil.
It was great to see Indians raising their voice and demanding safety of women like never before.
Also politicians and self proclaimed religious gurus who gave their indecent and pathetic opinions about freedom of women and their attire were heavily protested.

There were campaigns, videos, social media posts and quotes from various celebrities and industrialists on the same.
It seemed like a revolution and everyone felt that now India would become a country where there would be stringent laws and punishments for those would tried to rape or assault any human being, especially women.

The Indian government tried to appease the growing voices and demands of the people and came out with two laws – Criminal Law Act 2013 & Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.
Also some amendments were made to the marriage law also.

The laws were implemented but seeing the statistics of last 3 years it is really sad to say that the number of rape or sexual harassment cases has come down negligibly.

The punishments are not severe and as a result there is no fear at all in the mind of those who commit these crimes or those who are quite willing to follow their path.
As a result the purpose of implementing these laws hasn’t being fulfilled.

But one specie that has suffered a lot due to these excessive women centric and women oriented laws is “The middle class innocent men”.
And the mentality infused with overdose of women empowerment has added fuel to the fire.

I have heard and read about lot of cases where innocent men had to bear financial losses, suffer mental and physical trauma and were even put behind the bars because of creepy women.
And this is happening not only in personal lives but also in the professional world.


Here are some of the recent cases -:

1.     Few days back in Delhi metro four women were drunk and two of them start abusing and beating a man. He had to suffer at their hands because he was helpless.
Here are the two main points -:
a. If he would have even touched them, they had all the rights in this world to go and complain against him in police, who without any investigation would have put him behind the bars.
b. There are some real men in today’s world desperate to get attention of the opposite sex and for that they would not hesitate to show their muscular power on an innocent guy.

2.     A month back in Noida a drunken woman dashed into a car of a man and started abusing and slapping him when confronted. Police tried to interfere in the matter but they too got a good dose of abusive words which even embarrassed them.

3.     In different parts of India there have been lot of cases where post marriage the girl has asked for some weird and unreasonable demands and when those were not fulfilled she went for verbal and physical abuse. When her husband and in-laws tried to retaliate a bit, fake charges of domestic violence & dowry were made against them and the entire family was put behind the bars without any investigation. Financial and status loss are add-ons.
4.     In the professional field also I have seen many cases where female co-workers have tried to threaten their managers and even team members by reporting absolutely baseless charges against them to the HR.
In recent times Marital rape law is also on the list of the Indian government and I genuinely pray to god to save all those innocent middle class men who are on the prey list of thousands of creepy women eagerly waiting to get an opportunity to exploit them emotionally and financially.

The final conclusion that I want to draw through this article is as below -:There is no harm in making women only laws for their safety, equality and freedom but there are three main points which needs to go along with them -:
a. The rules should not be made with closed eyes, without evaluating and
     foreseeing the consequences of the same. There should be some element
     of gender neutrality in it.
b. Every quarter the success rate of these rules should be evaluated and 
     changes should be made to fulfill any loopholes identified.
     Also if these rules are been misused, amendment should be brought
     into process at the earliest.
c. The Indian mentality that a guy is always wrong and a girl is always at the
     receiving end is totally rubbish and baseless. The excess dose of woman
     empowerment has made it even worse. In today’s Indian society
     a general category middle class man is the biggest sufferer.
     Everyday I see lot of posts related to women freedom and rights been
     shared across social media platforms. I appreciate that but at the same time
     we are forgetting a fact that a general category middle man also needs our
     support as much as any woman in this country. So lets fight for his rights


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