Saturday, July 5, 2014

When the Incredible saved Planet Earth..!!!

Today life has become so fast and hectic that we don't get time for many things.
Many dreams just remain untouched, wishes unfulfilled, tasks undone and life ends on an unsatisfactory note. 
Every person is short of time and opportunities. 

So if we have something which does everything for us, wouldn't it be great.
If I want to go somewhere it will become my car. When I reach office it will become my Tab.
And when I reach home it will become my TV.
But wait a minute it should also multiply. So if India is under attack I can produce a number of secret fighter jets which will blow the enemy away.
To keep a check on corruption I will have every politician under my surveillance through multiple Robocams, which can be any device with a cam. And for the safety of people it will convert itself into SuperCops, robots who will work to nullify the crime.
A secret army of mine for the welfare of humankind.

Also as a human being we commit so many mistakes that half of our life goes in sorting and rectifying them.
I always wished that there was an UNDO button in life too, so that I can go in the past and correct my mistakes. What if there was an UNDO button which could change any thing in the past, it would have prevented many wars, saved lives of many innocent people, prevented rapes and other antisocial activities and the best one it could have even prevented Mahabharat from happening.

While all these thoughts were surging in my mind, a question popped up before me.
What is that one thing which could have all these superpowers ?
One thing which is always with me and I can't live without ?
I started with the search for the incredible , that would help me see what others can't see and do what others can't do.
My search ended pretty soon as that thing was lying just beside me , glittering and creating a shield of light around itself which I had never seen before. Did god listen to me ?
Was my phone packed with all superpowers ?  Had it become Incredible ?
I didn't had to wait much as there was an announcement from my phone.

You have been chosen by the almighty to save earth from an inevitable Nectrons attack.
These Nectrons are super powerful who are on the mission to destroy every form of life in this world.
Here are my Superpowers and the way to use them.
1.Undo Power
   You can undo any action of the past or in the present by just pressing the "U" key on         the top.
2. Transform Power
    You can transform me into any machine you want by pressing the "T" key on the right
3. Multiply Power
    After you have transformed me into something you can multiply me as many times as       you want by pressing the "M" key at the bottom.
4. Connect Power
    With this power you can connect to any person in this world by pressing the "C" key.

I was delighted to have all such powers but at the same time determined to save my planet Earth.
The inner six planets of solar system roughly align in every 100 years and 20th December was the day when it was going to align again which according to the announcement was the Doomsday, when nectrons were going to attack our solar system.

I had 6 months to understand the power and save the planet.
Quickly I started with its usage. My first mission was to eradicate terrorism from this world , whose preparation would also help me for the D day. I prepared my secret army of Super Soldiers, Super Fighter planes , Super Cams and Super Cops.
The Secret army performed really well and mission was accomplished.
Everyone had only one question, Who is doing all this ? Whose Super Army is this ?

I had to be patient as the final day was just a week away.
It was the D day and I was all set to face the Nectrons force which was swiftly moving towards earth.
There was a havoc in the world as the satellites showed Huge SpaceShips coming close.

As the first attack was done my them, it backfired destroying 20% of their army.
I had put Huge Tantanium Screens surrounding the whole earth which could reflect almost everything falling on it. So the laser attack was reflected back on the nectrons ships.

They quickly sensed the presence of such screen and went invisible.
I was ready for such a thing and had already created Super Cams which could even detect invisible things. 
These cams were embedded in Super Cops, Fighter plans and soldiers.

There was a fierce battle in which the Super Army was able to destroy most of the nectron's ships and also those nectrons who landed on earth.
Last 2 of their ships were left and both of them were put on self destruction mode.
One of them blew in Sahara desert and other in Pacific Ocean at the same time as the timer for both was set together.
I could stop only one of them as the UNDO power backs off only one action at a point of time.
The one in Pacific ocean would have had more severe repercussions then the Sahara one as it could have caused Tsunami and Earthquakes.

Quickly I pressed the UNDO button and deactivated the Self destruction mode of the ship which blew in the ocean.

Finally earth was saved from devastation or I must say complete Annihilation. 
I was damn happy. Suddenly a voice came from inside the Phone
"Mission Accomplished. Congrats.!!
Impressed by your wisdom, courage and determination , almighty has decided to grant your phone these super powers forever. Now the responsibility of Earth is on you. Make it a better place to live"

 This post is written as a part of contest In Search of Incredible by ASUS on Indiblogger


  1. Great powers here, Ankit.
    May we have superpowers & save the world! Much needed now...
    My agenda & intention is also the same. May we do what others can't do :)
    Best wishes!

    1. Yeah quite true..seriously it is the need of the hour..
      Thnx for the wishes..All d best 2 u too..:)