Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 things that bring me back to life when I am dead...

Some years back life was like a Sine curve with even ups and downs at equal intervals but today the curve is no more the same, it has become unstable. You can get 3 ups in a row followed by 4 consecutive downs.
In this times there should be someone, something or someplace which boost you up, bring you back from hibernation and make you live in this world and not just exist.
Also in today's world monotonous has become a synonym of life. Boss or Client yelling in office and your partner yelling at home has become fixed part of the schedule.
Lack of Time is one of the main reason behind this monotonousness specially in cities like Mumbai where half of your time goes in travelling and you don't have even a drop of energy left after reaching home.
What if there is a magic wand which takes away all your worries, tensions, anger, frustrations and give you that bliss of life. Well there is no such magic wand for me but yeah certainly there are 5 things which are also available and can bring me back to life any moment

1. Yummy food
    The way to man's heart is through his stomach is a very famous saying and holds 100% true in my case.
    Dal Batti, Gajar ka halwa, Puran poli, Bhutte ka kees, Gulab Jamun, Rabdi, Kheer, Aloo da Paratha and
    Curd, Bajre ka Khichda and Kadhi and the list is endless.
    After a hectic and tiring day when your favorite cuisine or dish is served on the table, it lightens your mood
    and triggers a fresh beam of energy in your body.

2. Coins
    These beautifully carved historic pieces of mint defines the evolution of mankind. They provide us insights
     of each era,kingdoms that existed at that time, about their customs, traditions and people.
     Each coin has it's charm and story of it's own.
     Whenever I see my coins collection it brings smile on my face. A new rare coin is like a newly found
      treasure. I have around 28 country currencies and around 1000 rare Indian coins, each one of which
      is equally valuable and close to my heart.

                                                                My Collection

3. Travelling
     Nothing excites, energies and relax you more than a trip to an exotic place. Taking a break amid the              monotonous and tension filled life and visiting beautiful places of this world is the best stress-buster.
     Driving to these places gives you a zest which is beyond description. Cruising on the highways with the
     rush of adrenalin when you go in full throttle, with wind rushing on your face is just magical.
     And if it is raining than its a cherry on the cake. The first drop of water on your face gives you a
     smoothing experience of lifetime.
     A visit to a hill station in monsoon time is enough to make you forget all tensions and worries of your life.

4. Table Tennis
     Table Tennis is a game with a soul and everlasting ecstasy.
     My love for this game has increased manifold from the day I picked up the TT racket.
     It is one of those games which is combination of 5 e's
     1. Energy
     2. Enthusiasm
     3. Ethics
     4. Entertainment
      and finally
     5. Exercise.
     After a stressful day at office , a refreshing game of TT takes you to a different world altogether.
     It eases out all the pressure and makes you feel lively again. Hitting those top spin smashes and defending
     the one's of your opponent is just addictive which can be continued for the whole day.
     I just love this game and describing the joy I get from it is indescribable.

5. Writing
     Writing to me is a hobby and above all a dream.
      Penning down my thoughts is not a choice or pastime but an unyielding calling and a passion.
      It's a famous saying that "Words are bones, Writing is lungs and reading is like breathing, which
      holds quite true in my case.
      Sometimes I write for myself, sometimes for a reason and sometimes out of anger, pain or frustration.
      Whatever the cause of writing is, in the end I feel relaxed, accomplished and satisfied that I have
      brought a change, may not be in others or the society but definitely in myself.
     A dream to pour my heart out in form of a novel is what I live with everyday.

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  1. A real motivating blog. Eveeyone readibg dis vl try to manage his time for his lyks ..

    1. I will be the most happiest person if my blog can motivate someone..Glad to have you here..:)

  2. Coins! wow that's great. Loved your post!

    1. Yeah collecting coins is my passion..
      Thanks a lot for liking it..:)