Friday, July 25, 2014

Black is the new sensation

What is your reaction when you see something in black
Wow what a pretty black dress !!!
Those black shoes are amazing..
Ohh !!! you are bought a new, sexy color man..

Black is classy
Black is divine
It makes you look
And feel so fine

It is in the darkness
When stars actually shine
Night is the time when
great minds find their sunshine

Black is the color
That soothes my eyes
It shields against Sun
And supports me when my heart cries.

Black is amazing.
5 black beauties which are up on the top of my wishlist goes like this

1. Lamborghini Aventador
    When this sexy lady is on the floor none dares to come in its way.
    Classy, brutally powerful and speed demon are just few of its amazing characteristic.
    A crazy sports car lover like me will always dream to own one of these black beauties.

2. Black Horse
    I love horses. This energetic mammal is a delight to watch when it starts galloping, flying off his feet in the      daring wind. From childhood I am fan of movies based on war mainly those where we have warriors riding    on horses on the battlefield carrying swords, bow/arrows and spears. Best thing about these movies are        those beautiful black horses running like wildfire, thousands at a tandem, rocketing in the air, swinging their    head briskly.  Riding and owning one of these powerful, breathtaking black beauty has been a dream from    childhood.

3. Harley Davidson Street Glide
    Ever heard that a bike can stir your soul, well definitely if it is a Harley Davidson.
    Every biker has a dream to ride this daddy of all motorcycles and so has I.
    This powerful beast is recognized as the ICON of the biking world and is very well known by all,
    around the globe. Whenever a Harley bike roll down the road, it’s nearly impossible to take your eyes off.     Thrill, Adventure, Self-Reliance, Speed, Single Mindedness, The Cool-Factor and Feeling of brotherhood     and an experience of lifetime are just few reasons for which I would love to own a classy black Harley           Davidson Street Glide.

4. Rolex with Black Diamonds
    Diamonds are not only women’s friend but also liked by men.
    These glittering pieces have a charisma that can turn more heads than a sexy lady.
    Though every diamond has a charm of its own but the ones having the most vivid fire and sparkle are             Black Diamonds.
    First time I saw one of them at an exhibition and I was mesmerized by its impeccable glow.
    From that day I have fantasized about owning one for myself and also one for my mother.
    A dream goes bigger when two of your fantasies come together.
    Rolex , the most stylish, classy and king of luxury watch brands which is also my favorite goes on to create     a masterpiece by including beautiful black diamonds making it so so desirable and a dream to own one.


5. Black suit
    I am a big fan of James Bond series, specially Skyfall which is one of my favorite.
    Apart from the the excellent action sequences, humor and a gripping story-line I also loved the movie
    for its stylish suits worn by Daniel Craing, who looked stunningly handsome.
    "How I meet your mother" is one of my most favorite series on small screen and the credit for that goes
     mostly to Barney Stinson, the suited man who brandishes a droll undercover of humor.
     Inspired by these men I have a desire to wear a black suit at my wedding.

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