Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When she came..

It was pinch dark and all four of us were a bit frightened.
The forest was desolate, noises creeping around every corner like ghosts.

Suddenly a voice made us jump in air.
It was of female, sexy but haunting. We searched for the source, but found no one around.

As we moved back someone patted us, it was her.
For a moment we were lost.
Pale white skin, blood red plump lips and eyes which looked like a pool of darkness made her look like a goddess.

But something was abnormal and it was her feet. The toes were backward and heel in the front. At once we remembered the story of chudel of the forest which was told by many.

She in a terrifying voice declared.
I will take 3 of you with me leaving just one behind.

After glancing at us she said.
I will leave the clean shaved one behind as he might be of use to some girl alive.
I hate that unclean stubble as every girl does.
So rest 3 of you with dirty stubbles are coming along.

All of sudden I got up. Glad it was a dream.
At once I shaved off my stubble and called my gf to tell her about the good news she always wanted to hear.
I would like to tag Deepti, Ekta & Arvind Sir


  1. When she came...but, just a dream.. I have tagged you here Hope you will acknowledge.

    Someone is Special

    1. hey thnx for the tag Someone is Special..
      i will surely acknowledge it in my next post.

  2. Lovely poem.
    I have tagged you in my new post Stubble Trouble. I'd love for you to acknowledge my tag.
    Do tag me back too.

    1. hey thnx for the Heena..
      i will surely acknowledge it in my next post.