Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mission Accomplished...

I was awed by her mysterious beauty.
Her oval shaped face had a pale tone to it. Those eyes were like pool of darkness.
Her hairs were cascaded like a waterfall down her back.
An unearthly goddess indeed but I had other things on my mind of utmost importance.

All eyes were on her, the centre of attraction of the party. Few guys tried their luck to woo her
but were badly rejected. Last one looked perfect to me but he too suffered the same treatment. She made a crooked face while pointing to his stubble and I understood the mystery behind the rejection.

Without wasting anytime with full confidence and composure I approached her and asked for a dance. Though I was a handsome guy but it was my clean shaven look that bowled her over.

After dance and drinks, the next destination was her place as her family was out of town.
She went to take a bath and I utilized the time to place my microphones.

She was daughter of a big business tycoon who had alleged relations with underworld.
And I was on a secret mission. Mission Accomplished for today, thanks to the clean shaven look.

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  1. Quite a sneaky one... but an interesting take on the topic.

    Arvind Passey

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