Monday, December 9, 2013

Smelly Air to Smiley Air with Ambi Pur

When I was moving to Mumbai to pursue my job the first thing that worried my mom was where was I going to stay and will it be clean and hygienic!!!

I had never lived away from home so this was my first time.
Cleanliness and hygiene were the top priorities in the list but my college hostel friends said “Bhool ja ye sab, a bachelor’s home is all messed up.

3 of my friends got the same office in Mumbai so we decided to share a 1BHK flat.
We choose a flat which was fully furnished and the rent though very high was reasonable according to Mumbai rates.
2 of my friends who were hostilities quickly got acquainted to the conditions but for me it was more difficult than cracking IIT.

As days passed our flat looked more like a dharamshala.
Friends of one or the other person were always there as a refuge.

Pile of stinging socks, clothes drained in sweat and gas problem of 2 of my fatty roomies would create an aura that would sometimes even burn my nostril hairs.
Adding oil to the flames was the poor drainage system. Whenever someone from the flat above us used to flush it’s incredibly amazing scent would make its way down, right into our nose.

When the scent became toxic and it was nearly impossible to keep my nose open excluding those time when I had cold and my nose was at the rescue, I consulted my friend for a solution.
He too left home for the first time and could easily understand my plight.

Have you not tried Ambi pur air effects and Ambi pur set & refresh my friend asked me.
It’s Lavender fragrance is just awesome.  My flat also smells like hell as it is a bachelor’s paradise but after using Ambi pur it smells like a real paradise.

I followed his advice and brought ambi pur home.
The aroma has changed drastically.
Now going to toilet would not demand a hankey on my nose.
I started liking my flat and wanted to stay for long just because of the pleasing fragrance that filled the air around.

Thanks a lot to Ambi pur who has made my world from hell to heaven.

This is a product review written for Ambi Pur and Indiblogger.


  1. well written... Good luck dear :)
    Did you like mine here:
    Do let me know your thoughts :)

    1. thnx a lot for your kind words..:)
      yeah sure i will do that.

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