Thursday, May 24, 2012

The most amazing trip of my life..

I was super excited to see the mail from Indiblogger in my Inbox...It read Congratulations from Indiblogger and Cox & Kings. Yipieee I won an exotic holiday to Thailand that too on a Cruise...
I was on cloud9...



Without wasting a single minute I called my GF Isha to give her this gr88 news..
"I have a surprise for you sweetheart..we will be celebrating your b'day at some far away place this time"..I chuckled...She was far more smart than I thought her to be.."Ohh so the results are out I guess",she said in a notorious tone..

Yes they are out and I have won an exotic holiday to Thailand that too on a cruise..but sorry baby , this time I would be accompanied by the most beautiful gal in my team, my Project Lead Aparna, I hope after this when appraisals are there she would have my name on topic of the list...:P..I tried to agitate her..

"Darling its April and the appraisals are already been done...Though I belong to a different industry but for us also the financial year ends on March itself", she said laughingly...All my efforts went in vain..:(

You are a smart gal ,I told her...Nways we would be leaving on 5th May and it will be a 3D/4N tour..Please talk to your Manager about leaves beforehand itself..I started imagining about the Magnificent Cruise ...its luxurious facilities, Thailand are going to have greatest time of our life there..
Suddenly there was a call waiting from Mom and I came back to reality..Time to go, mom's call.
Start your shopping my gal we have only 15 day left, saying this I cut the call.

Finally 5th May arrived and I was all set to for the Thailand excursion. We were told to reach the Mumbai Port trust around 6 pm,where the Cruise was waiting for us.
I had informed Isha about the timings and told her to directly reach the port from office around 5 pm.
I reached there by 4:45 but could't find many people around. After half and hour the crowd started to gather.
I was really angry and agitated as it was already 5:30 and she was no where around.
As I was about to call her the phone rang, it was her, I am really sorry but I wont be able to accompany you. My Manager just told us an hour ago that we have a client visit tomorrow and everyone is supposed to be present in the office.You know how much I wanted to come for this trip, I am really sorry baby,but I can't do anything.

If I was on cloud9 after winning the holiday trip, this time it has hell9 , as I was really very angry and agitated. 
I was about to throw the tickets and all other documents in the sea but than decided to travel alone as I had a dream to travel by cruise and was not going to miss it.

The ship left the dock around 6:30. We were served with a welcome drink and a pamper pack upon arrival. Drink tasted gr88. Pamper pack had shampoo,conditioner,soap and a lotion...nice..:)

We were than asked to explore all the facilities that they had on the cruise, right from pub,disc,swimming pool,sport junction, gaming zone, massage parlor to the grand Casino...


I was super excited to enter Casino and see how people lose millions in a single night..:P
There we so many tables there and people were happily waiting to lose their money weird..:P
So after exploring all the places, finally I moved on to the most amazing place on a ship...Its Deck..
The cool breeze was slowly stroking my hair and face..the sound of water when it hit the ship was amazing..Its was really romantic and I was missing my GF badly..:(

I don't drink usually but that night i tried because people usually say that whisky is the best medicine for Love, so i decided to try it. I went to the pub which was situated in the middle of the ship.


 It was really big and half of the crowd was enjoying there. I took a place near the bar counter and asked for something good in whisky. It took me 15 mins to decide what to have..finally I had Teachers..:P


Donno how I managed to finish the complete bottle, but I did it. Than I decided to go back to Deck and have some fresh air. I was completely drunk and had no control on myself. There was a box kept at the corner of the ship and I tried to stand on it so that I can have a clear view of the sea. In trying to do that I lost my control and was about to fall in the sea, but was caught by a hand from behind.
She was a gorgeous gal with cute dimples.


 Had a glow that can charm anyone, I was so lost in her that I didn't tried to pull back myself but had her also with me. Both of us fell on a boat which was tied to the ship and was used for emergency purposes. The impact of the fall was tremendous and I lost my consciousness.

When I got up there were around 10 faces staring at me as if I was not a human but some alien..:P
Anyways I was searching for my lady and finally found her...playing volleyball..!!!!


What was she doing there, instead of sitting beside me..:(
What was this place...?? what was happening..??
Finally she came running in my direction...Man I was lost again seeing that glow..her skin had a shine which I had never seen before..
Hey how are you feeling now..?? My name is Kyra..
Better now..I am Ankit...
Shacking hands and knowing more about each other was what followed next...

"So where are we and what's going on here?" I asked looking completely puzzled.
We are on an Island named Elena, named after the greatest beach volley ball player Elena.


We have a beach volleyball tournament here on the occasion of her birthday.


I love playing beach volleyball,I just love beaches for this game..But I don't have a partner..
Would you mind joining me? Do u know how to play volleyball?
Also I have informed the captain of the ship about our location, so don't worry, soon a boat will reach here to get us..:)

I was confused, what to say..?, I wanted to have enjoy her company, but than Table Tennis was what I loved, volley ball was not my game. I used to play it in my school and had seldom played it after that.
But I didn't wanted to disappoint her, so I said YES.

It was summer season and everyone wore a hat or a scarf for protection from sun, but Kyra looked as if she didn't cared at all. She was happily enjoying her sunbath without worrying about any sunburn or tanning of body...

I couldn't resist myself from asking her the secret behind her liveliness in a hot sunny day.
How do you manage to keep yourself so fresh and beautiful even on a burning noon..?, I inquired.
She with a smile pulled out something which looked like a sun screen.
This is my ammunition against sun....LAKME SUN EXPERT..
Why don't you try it too..? It would help protect your skin from the sun and keep u fresh and alive..
You would also be able to give your 100% in the tournament...


The dress code for the tournament was shorts and bikini for gals and only shorts for boys..One thing I disliked about a beach trip was tanning of skin that too when you are only in shorts, but now I had a solution for it...I was happy..:)

As the tournament was going to start, we applied the sunscreen quickly and took our seats.
She had a great figure and I was mesmerized when she came wearing the attire required for the tournament..

Our first match was against a couple from India only. We won 21-10, 21-14..:)
Continuing our wining streak we quickly moved into the Quarter Finals of the tournament..
She was a classic player and my smashes too were on target. Our jodi created the magic again and we moved into the semis..But this time we were against the defending champions...people said that,if we nailed this 1,the trophy was ours..

Some quick words of motivation and a treat from my side if we won the tournament was what I offered her before entering the court again.
We gave each other a hi5 and the game started.
It was a breathtaking match...a neck to neck battle which we finally won 21-19, 21-19..

Phew...I had a sigh of relief as we entered into the finals, just one step away from winning the trophy..
Now we were relaxed as if we have won the tournament..We took our opponents lightly and hence paid the price..damn the first set was gone...we were 1 down...:(
We told each other to hold on to our nerves and enjoy the game..

Smash..!!! in between both of them...and the set was ours. We were back in the game with a fire..
Next set was just a formality...we won the match..finals and tournament 12-21, 21-17, 21-9..:):)
Kyra hugged me tightly and for a second I forgot that I had a GF too..:P was a gr88 feeling to win a tournament with such a beautiful lady..on a wonderful beach of Elena....when just 5 hours ago the only thing I knew was, I was lost..:(

It was time for celebrations and we went to a resort which was the only resort on the island.


I had a small bar but contained all the brands of drinks you can think of..
I took my favorite Teachers and she ordered for 3 Tequila shots..

After 1 hour of hardcore drinking we went on the dance floor to shake our body.
After some time suddenly a romantic number made its way through. I was a bit hesitant but than it was my chance. I asked for the lady's hand and she approved for it.
Her hand was in mine, slowly we came close, peeping deep in to each other's eyes, a kiss was the demand of the situation and I was ready for it...


But suddenly the song changed...i could hear a tune which was so mobile ringtone...!!!!
Who had such a wrong timing..?? Who was this stupid person calling me..?
I reached for the mobile which was in my jeans pocket..but what the hell..!! how did a jeans got converted to a lower..? What was happening...????

All of sudden I got up..The place looked like my room..clock showed 8 am..
Was it a dream..??  Was Kyra a beautiful gal of  my fantasy world..??
Again my mobile was Isha..
I picked the call quickly..
Hey baby get up you need to go to office early..remember??
We have a cruise waiting for us on Mumbai port trust..I will get there by 5 as decided..
Okay than C u in the evening sweetheart...Love you..The call got cut..

There were mixed emotions..I was really happy that my GF was accompanying me on the trip..
But than Kyra was still running through my mind...A sunshine girl playing volleyball on a beach was what I could imagine..!!!!

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