Monday, June 11, 2012

An Adventurous Night

It was a normal Sunday and as usual I was watching a movie.
I had a fixed routine of downloading movie on Saturday night and enjoying it on Sunday.
It was Housefull 2 this time. I was lost in the song Right Now Now..watching shazahn padamsee in a completely hot and sexy avatar. Suddenly my phone started ringing...It was my school friend Shelly.

Though we were school mates but we hardly talked with each other in school. It was 1 year back when I meet her again on where else than Facebook. In school she used to be a girl with 2 ponies, hairs completely dipped in oil, a complete distraction..But man..look at her now..I was stunned for some time when I looked at her profile pic..Is she the same Shelly which used to be my school mate or some babe ready to rock the party. She had a complete makeover..A distraction has changed into attraction...
Silky hair, killing smile, amazing dressing sense was what I could see, though she appeared to be a big fat but that was okay.

Without wasting any time I send her a friend request which was accepted at that instant itself.
She was online and I managed to pull up a conversation with her. Than it become a daily routine for both of us. We talked a lot though most of them were a complete non sense. But than it is a friend who understands and even agrees with your non sense, so we were going good.
She was a different person than what she appeared to be. No attitude gal, Bindas, Down to earth, jolly,free bird, prankster were few of her characteristics.
We had become good friends and used to enjoy each others company.

Hey are you?.
I am fine dude..Guess where am I?.
Mumbai..Is it? I inquired.
Yup, she confirmed.
wow...what a pleasant surprise..welcome to mumbai babes..
Hey Ankit, I am here only for today and I wanna explore mumbai to the fullest.
Help me yaar...I wanna meet one of my friend also..Can you accompany me as I am new to this place?
Who wanted to miss her company and more than that she was my friend..
I read somewhere that a friend in need is a friend in deed..So I was ready to accompany her.
But than it was already 8 pm and yet we had no plans made.

I asked her to come to Jogeshwari Station around 8:30 so that we can reach Prabhadevi, where her friend lived,around 9:15 pm and get back by 11.

It was already 9 and I was waiting for her from last 45 mins. Around 9:15 she reached Jogeshwari Station. I was ready to rebuke her for coming so late and making me wait for 1 complete hour.
But than her smile and a warm hug melted everything.

I am really sorry ankit for coming late but you know gals take some time to prepare themselves before going out...
Lets hurry up ankit, you can watch me in the train also..she chuckled..

We boarded a slow local to churchgate around 9:25.


Though the crowd was less but everyone had their eyes on her only. I tried to play the role of Salman Khan from BodyGuard protecting her from all the goons around...:P

We got into our as usual non sense mode..talking on silly topics and laughing about them endlessly..
Before people were about to declare us mad and throw out of the train, we ourselves got out as the station was Mahalaxmi and we wanted to go to Prabhadevi.
It was 10:20 and we were already late.
Quickly we took a taxi and told him the address where we wanted to go.
Her friend Meenal was also my school buddy and we used to play Table Tennis together..She was my school Crush..:P..Though she was shelly's best friend but it was I who was more excited to meet her.

I started asking shelly about meenal, her past life, company she is working in..and lastly if she is hooked, booked or cooked..:P..
She is already hooked dude, so don't try hard for her..she chuckled..

After 20 mins we reached her building which was in Adarsh Nagar near Century Bazaar.
We kept looking here and there and finally a figure emerged out of the window waving her hand towards us. After 5 mins she came downstairs and man why would I not fall for her again..
Though she was not ready to rock a party but she looked no less sexier than what I thought her to be.


And than the Ladies version of  Bharat Milaap started. Both of them hugged each other as if they had met after years of isolation..:P


It was an awkward situation for me as both of them were treating me as Mr India..:P
The security guard was giving me harsh questioning looks as what I was doing here with a gal around 11:30 in the night.
After their Bharat Milaap finally ended , they suddenly came to know that I was also there..:X
Meenal and I shook hands and asked about each other current life.

Meenal told Shelly to come upstairs as she was eager to show her the new dresses she had brought this weekend. I smiled at security guard as I was soon going to accompany him..:(

But shelly turned out to be an intelligent gal and became reluctant to come upstairs as it was already quite late...11:45 pm..
Meenal asked us about our current plan..
We are going to Haji Ali juice center as shelly is feeling very hungry and than from there we will go to marine drive..
Marine Drive, (a long pause) well we went there some time before only and returned around 2 am, Meenal said excitedly..It's really fun going there..she chuckled

Why don't you also accompany us, it will be lot of fun together, and it has been a long time since we guys enjoyed together, so please come na..,Shelly requested her.

I can't come dear, have some work to finish, you guys enjoy, she said with a wink.

Shelly was feeling very hungry so according to our plan I decided to take her to Haj Ali juice center.
I asked the taxi driver to stop at Haji Ali Dargah so that I can show her the gr88 dargah too..


We were walking on the footpath of the highway when some goons on their bike came our way...
They passed some disgusting comments about her which I couldn't resist, so I responded back..
Their bikes stopped and here my heart...they were 6 and I was alone with a gal..
They turned their bikes and were about to head towards us when a police jeep came that way and I had a sigh of relief..

We quickly took a taxi and asked him to take us to mahalaxmi station..
It was already 12:30 and we have been quite late, so I asked shelly to return back to Jogeshwari, but she insisted on having a walk at marine drive as she has heard a lot about it and wanted to see it from so long...I had no other option than take her to marine drive. As soon as I entered the station, two police man were standing there. They saw me and started interrogating, Where did I wanted to go?
Who is the gal? What were we doing so late night ?..
I explained them that she was my sister and we were here for a birthday party of our friend. It just got over now, so we were heading back home to Jogeshwari.
They told me to go to Central Line as there was no train to Jogeshwari from here.

I quickly explained everything to her and finally she dropped the idea of Marine drive.
Now we were on our way to Central Line in faint hope to get a train to Andheri as watch was ticking 1:00 am. Quickly we entered the station , but unfortunately the last train to Andheri has just passed 5 mins before..:(
I was frightened, confused and concerned about the situation we were in.

She had a flight to Indore at 7 am and I had my office too.
But more than that I was worried about my arrangement for the night as shelly would stay at Meenal's place but I had no friends there.
I should be happy as it was an opportunity for me to become one night security guard, but I was sad and agitated.

Shelly had a smile on her face as if nothing has happened, and I was some super hero who was there for her rescue..Seeing me worried a person came near and asked where I wanted to go.
He looked decent from face but in today's world decent looking people are the most dangerous criminals.
I told him that we wanted to go to Jogeshwari but there is no train running now.
He showed me his van and told me that there are 3 more women passengers to andheri, so I need not worry.It will be Rs 200 to Jogeshwari, he affirmed.

I had no other option than to believe on his words, but before agreeing to his offer I asked shelly about her take on it. She too agreed and told that as I am with her so she need not worry.
Well this was something big for me..Why was she trusting me so much? Was there something cooking in her mind?. But there was no time for thinking all this as first we had to reach home safely.

We sat in van and finally I felt a bit of relief. After dropping those 3 women he asked where we wanted him to drop us. Bhaiya Military Marol Road par chalo, Shelly replied quickly..There we have Bharat Palace hotel, please drop us there.

I don't know the way to that place, a reply that was least expected from him..
It was 1:45 am, mid night already and we were not knowing the way to our destination..phew..why was all this happening with us? What else was in store for us?
Anyways we moved on asking directions from people who were still not asleep..Among them were few rickshaw walas, taxi walas, bike walas and cycle walas. Some said right, some left and few even told us to go 1 km in reverse direction..finally luck favored us and we found few police walas strolling there.

They told us that we were quite near and few left and rights will take us there. It was 2:15 on the clock and at last we were standing outside Bharat Palace Hotel. We looked at each other and started laughing..She told me that it was her most adventurous night ever and she loved it..
Finally she said thanx, we hugged  and I was in the van again to head towards my home...:)



  1. Wow that was a lot in one night!!

    1. welcome to my blog SJ..
      Yeah though the end I loved it..:D
      thnx for dropping by..would love to see u more often..:)

  2. Touching, and yeah...a lot for just a night! hope you experience more such exciting moments in your life and share them with us.:)

    1. hey it feels gr88 to see you after so long here..:)
      thnx a lot for liking it..i always look forward to share my real life experiences...waiting for yours too..;)

  3. Wow. Sounds fun!(:

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    would love to see you more often..:)

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