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Internet on Mobile..A door to unlimited fun....

That small thing we hold everyday, called a mobile phone, can be very powerful, even beyond our imagination. Decades ago, very few people could ever imagine having such functions in a “very small” equipment, nowadays we can get a lot of things from our mobile phone which includes the ability to call our friends and family members anywhere they are in the world, the ability to send people text messages and most importantly the ability to access the internet from any corner of the world, in fact,our mobile phone is now a virtual world of its own 

Lets explore all the fun and advantages that we can get by having internet on our mobile

1. Flexibility- Where ever u take your mobile, u have the internet connection too..isn't that fun..
                     You can access the net while relaxing on a chair in a resort, while seeing the sun set on 
                     a beach,while exploring the jungle on an elephant's back,while cruising on a ship and
                     even while climbing Mount Everest. So it's like carrying the world in your pocket.

2. Lightening Speed- If a page takes more than few secs to load than definitely it is frustrating..but          
                      with coming of 3G,ride has really become smooth and fast...We can download                                    
                      songs,movie  trailers,sound clips or even complete movies in a Jiff. 
                      So downloading and surfing on net is lot more fun on 3G.

                      And when downloading is at such a minimal cost as in Vodafone,
                      just at Re 1, its awesome..:)                


3. Live Video Talking- What can be more fun than too see the person with whom you are talking.
                      With the 3G technology it is possible to watch all those priceless emotions of your  
                      mother when  you are away from her.                                      
                      That smile of your beloved when she blushes while talking 2 u.
                      That pride in the eyes of your father when he talks to you.


4. Uninterrupted streaming- With the 3G technology you can enjoy continuous streaming of a 
                       match or a movie...Imagine how much fun it will be when your surrounding turn into a  
                       live stadium or a theater and you enjoy it with your near and dear ones..
                       Also while travelling when the journey is too long, we tend to get bored, at that time
                       watching movies and videos live is the ultimate fun..:)

5. Keep getting Directions-  With the map and positioning services, anytime ,anywhere ,you can 
                       determine your current location and also get directions to a certain place you wanna 
                       visit. Isn't it fun getting a map with directions to your favorite restaurants, 
                        multiplexes and malls in a go, that to on your small mobile itself.


6. Gaming zone on your cell-  The biggest source of entertainment on earth is games.
                        Everyone can't afford buying a Xbox or PS. But with internet on mobile
                        you can download all those exciting games which rock the world and 
                        play it whenever and where ever u want, that to for free.:)


7. Always socially connected- Its really painful to carry laptop to each and every place while 
                        travelling, as a result you tend to become socially inactive and miss out the fun
                        with your friends. A simple solution to it is to have an internet connection on your 
                        mobile. Twitter, Facebook, Skype, than are just a click away .You can chat with your 
                        near and dear ones,share pics and videos ,update about what you are doing, where 
                        are u going,likes,dislikes i.e sharing each min of your life with your frnds...Isn't that 


8. Click and share- This probably is the most exciting feature that a mobile can offer. It allows user 
                     to send pics to anyone in any part of world within few seconds.A number of service 
                         providers also offer web photo albums as well as software that allows the user to 
                         put the clicked pics in the album. So click a pic and share it with your friends on FB
                         in splits of!!!


9. Unlimited Apps at your doorstep-  With thousands of amazing apps like Zamzar,Spypig,
              ,SkyDrive, Sumo Paint,Screen Toaster, Iterasi,, Animoto
                        available on net ,that too free, one needs nothing more to have fun..:)


                                   Vodafone VStore...a place from where fun can be downloaded

10. Learning is Fun- Knowledge available on internet is more than any book in this world.
                          Right from nursery rhymes till 12th standard you can get everything u need to
                          complete your schooling..
                          Preparation for getting into Engineering, Medical, Law,CA, Management appears
                          to be easy and sufficient with all the material available on some very good sites
                          on net.
                          Not only studies but internet helps in learning music,dance,photography
                          and the list is endless...

11. Earning online has doubled the fun- Did u ever imagine that u can use internet to earn your
                         livelihood also. Today it is one of the biggest source of income for many people.
                         There are different ways by which u can earn online
                         1. Biggies like Google, Amazon are the treasure of wealth. Google Adsense and
                          Amazon Affiliation are the most popular means to earn online.
                         2. Building of Apps for different sites like Google,Facebook etc and different
                           companies like Apple, Blackberry is the hottest trend today.Big bucks associated.
                         3. Freelancing has become a secondary source of income for many people.
                         4. Other ways include Pay per click, pay per post etc.
                     So one can say that earning money is always fun and when the source is as huge as an
                     ocean it's party time guys..!!!!

    Today Mobile phones are getting equipped with the latest technologies, updated softwares, applications
    and features. Internet on Mobile is the demand of this generation and has gained more
    popularity than internet on any other platform. But at the same time it should be made sure that access to
    internet is available to everyone and the Apps and software are developed not only for a technically
    sound person but also for layman.

  This post is part of contest Internet is Fun on  Indiblogger.

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