Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Savior On Harley Davidson...

This was our 3rd consecutive trip in a row..First we had traveled to Mahabaleshwar, Khandala, Lonavala, Goa and Mumbai. Second one was to South India..
This time it was a call from the Goddess Vaishno Devi herself and no can deny her call so we packed our bags for a trip to Vaishno Devi.


It was organised and financed by my Nanaji . We booked a bus as there were around 30 people ready with their packed bags. We started our journey from Indore and than it was going to be via Rajasthan , Amritsar, finally to Katra. We were enjoying a lot by playing, singing and eating that we even didn't realized when did we reach Bikaner. It took us some 13 hours to reach there.
But there was no stopping by , our next destination was Amritsar.
Some 10 hours later we were at a DHABA in Amritsar and the time was around 2 a.m .
Driver had stopped to bus to eat something and take some tea to himself awake in the night.
It was summer season so we children also got down from the bus to take some fresh air on the KHATIYAS of the dhaba. It was me and two of my elder brothers who were enjoying the cool breeze on a full moon.
The moon was shinning bright with the stars glittering like diamonds. I was amazed to see such a sight , but in no time I fell asleep as we were continuously traveling for last 24 hours and were very much tired and exhausted.

In the morning when I got up, I saw myself sleeping on the Khatiya with none of my family members around.
It was like a bolt from the blue. I was only 14 at that time and was not that strong mentally. Feeling very lonely and scared I asked the Thabe wala where did the bus that stopped around 2 a.m in the night had gone?.
He told that it went away in the night itself. "Were you from that bus", he inquired.
Yes I was from that bus only and we just got down to have some cool breeze as it was hot inside.
Me and my brothers were watching the moon and the sky full of sparkling stars, but than I fell asleep. It was dark and everyone was half asleep, so I think they forgot to wake me up before boarding the bus.

At that time I didn't had a mobile, also I didn't remember my Nanaji's no who alone was carrying a mobile on the trip.
I started crying like a child , when a man in his 30's came near me and asked me what happened?.
We was wearing a black leather jacket with a skull printed T shirt inside.
Levis jeans with leather boots to top up. Sunglasses, helmet and a french beard completed the look.
He seemed like a biker to me.
I told him everything , but than rather asking for help I asked him whether he was a biker?

With a nod in yes he showed me his bike which was parked at the roadside. WOW man...I didn't believe my eyes. It was HARLEY DAVIDSON. I was very crazy about bikes from 5th class itself. Infact I had tried my hands on Royal Enfield also.

I actually forgot that I was lost and anything can happen to me the next very moment . What I was looking forward to now was a ride on Harley Davidson.
I asked him whether I can ride his bike and I would take only a small turn and come back.

He laughed on my questions and told me ,"little champ it will be Harley Davidson all the way now".
Next he introduced himself.
Hi, I am Rajiv Rathore, Architect by profession and a biker by passion. Thrice in a year I take leave from my work and travel to different parts of India on my Harley. Fortunately this time my destination is also Vaishno Devi.
I will definitely help you, so trust me ,we will reach there sound and safe.

I told him about my craziness for bikes and how I also wanted to become a biker and purchase a Harley Davidson someday.

He was impressed by my knowledge about bikes. There were lot of amazing experiences he had while traveling on bike and it was so much fun listening to them. He also told me how crazy he was for bikes at my age and fantasied in the same way for Harley Davidson as I did now.

I have to contact your parents as soon as possible because they might me madly worrying about you.
Do you remember which company's sim did your nanaji had.
Yes I do, its BSNL, i affirmed.

We went to the BSNL office which was situated in Amritsar city and told them about my plight.
I gave them the details about Nanaji, his name and address mainly.
As nanaji lived in a small town called Neemuch it was easy for them to locate his no.
Within half an hour they found the no and contacted him.
Rajiv told him about himself and that I was safe and sound, so they need not worry.
He also told him that he too was travelling to Vaishno Devi so he will drop me there.

It was 10 in the morning and the bus had reached Katra( base camp for Vaishno Devi) at 8 only.
All were very much tensed and worried when they got down at Katra but couldn't find me.
My mother was weeping like anything, but got appeased on listening to my voice.

Katra was only 180km from Amritsar so it was just a 4 hours journey for us.
I really enjoyed Rajiv's company, the ride on Harley , but it was those breathtaking experiences which he had on his bike trips to different parts of India which frenzied me.
He was by far the most amazing and interesting person whom I had met on my travel to different parts of India.

We reached Katra at 2 p.m. where everyone was waiting for me.
My mom hugged me tightly and became very emotional. She also slapped me lightly because of been so irresponsible and careless.
I was very happy to see everyone again as if I was meeting them after ages.
Also I was glad to have a ride of my life on Harley Davidson and find a biker friend like those we have seen in Hollywood flicks.

Today I am 23 and I have my own Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

I also have my biker group "The Titans". We have a bike trip once in a year to any place within India.
It's awesome fun , thrill ,with many mind blowing experiences.

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  1. Harley Davidson and Vaishno Devi!!!!! can there be any weirder combinations!!!. but none the less! your writing mesmerised me! :) keep going! :)

    1. mata ka darbar hai bhai..yaha sab aate hai,even people having Ferrari..:P
      Nwys thnks a lot...I feel glad tht u liked it..keep coming by more often..:)

  2. What a luck :)
    Nice log, if you dont mind I guess it's Dhaba and not Thaba :)
    I too ride a TBTS and belong to a Mumbai-club BisonsRideHard. From which city do you guys belong? Had you heard about annual RiderMania or RM meets? You may like to visit my page to know more or else our club website....

    You had a trip of life at age of fourteen...wish you own a Harley soon :)

  3. Yeah, one of the most memorable moments of my life when I say Harley Davidson in front of me..:)
    thnks a lot for liking the Blog
    ohh yes it is Dhaba...:P...thnx for the correction..:)
    We guys are from Indore..Yeah heard abt it bt never had a chance to attend it..
    Sure I will be more than happy to know about ur club and it's activities..
    Thanks again dude..owning harley is indeed a much awaited dream..let c when it gets fulfilled..:)

  4. Woohoo!! Harley Harley Harley!! What luck!