Monday, February 6, 2012

Mentor and Beetal

Me and my Mentor, we are a pair like the The legendary King
Vikram, and Betaal, a vampire spirit who hangs from a tree and
inhabits and animates dead bodies.

As ironic as it can be, Vikram had to carry Betaal on his shoulders for
a greater good of a sorcerer. Similarly, my mentor has to carry me for
greater good of the client.

They never gelled well and always had a tiff going on over the questions
and the answer. Just like i keep asking questions from mentor and never
give him any answer.

Just like Betaal told him stories to pass time. I also have to come up
with stories relating to how i passed my 9 hours. At the end, i ask my
mentor the tricky question, what to do?? And he always tell the right
answer like a good mentor so i fly to my seat and start working on what
he told me to do...:P


  1. Ask your mentor why does the post talk of Betaal and the label and title talk of Beetal? :)

    1. We would answer it very comfortably during the discussion of my promotion ..:P