Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Love for her

For years, I had seen a dream
to hold someone in my arms
to rest my hand in her palms
someone who will shower me with love and care
sitting by the riverside; I will blow her hairs

For years, I had wished for a wish
on my cheeks, someone planting a divine kiss
A lap on which I could rest when I am sad
A hand that would hold me when times are bad…

Thinking of her, I had spent countless nights
but somehow God kept her away from my sight
I started believing that my dreams were born dead
Before that fateful day, when I saw you in red…

I don’t know if it was love at first sight 
days became restless; torturous were the nights
that lovely face, the eyes which are deep
all I wanted, was you to be mine for keeps

Life became listless without you
as if, the colours had deserted the hue
the oceans had lost their blue
happiness in my life were all but few…

Finally came the moment
for which I had waited and waited
you came near to whisper in my ears
I just stood with breathes bated…

And then started our love journey
warmer than a blanket, sweeter than honey
with a promise never to break each other’s heart
to love each other till death sets us apart

This Valentine I express my love once again
and promise to hold you, come sun or the rain
to give you pleasure and share your pain
just want to keep you in my heart
again, again & again!!!


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    1. Hey anuj welcome to my blog..
      thnx a lot..would love to c u coming more often..:)