Sunday, January 6, 2019

Making life #Smart with Flipkart

Smart Home: Home of tomorrow  PC:

From the childhood, I was fantasized with the stories of magic. The fabulous Disney princess and their stupendous magical skills made me go crazy about them and I kept imagining about living in their palaces where I can do anything with snap of fingers, any magical wand or jinn from the lamp. I always wished of spending my summer vacations there.

Time flew and I am no longer a child now.
The fantasies were now under the blanket of practicality.

One day, there was a sudden power fluctuation in my city, like a flash, in the night. And in the morning when I woke up, I felt a different aura in my house. I was sleepy and confused.

I said in my mind, “May be I am still in my subconscious. Wake up Pooja!” I Joggled myself. 

As I entered the washroom to brush my teeth, I was not able to find my brush. After looking here and there, I saw a different toothbrush on the shelf. It looked like a smart electronic toothbrush with an option to set timer for duration and a space to fill for toothpaste.

Again confusingly, I set the timer for 3 minutes, kept the brush in my mouth and pressed the button. No response.


I thought, “How to start this thing?”

I turned it around and saw a line written at its back, “To start, please say OK Flipbought start the brushing”.
I said so and within a second, it automatically started vibrating and stopped after a minute to  spit out and started again after 10sec.  And like this it finished after 3 minutes and my teeth were super clean. It felt great.

What a start of the day!!!


Happily surprised, I went into my room to get ready for my morning walk. As I opened my closet to tae our my jog clothes, I saw a gift with a tag #GetFitwithFlipkart. Quickly I opened it and found a  smart watch in it. It was so beautiful. I took it out and double tapped on the screen to see the functions in it. No display appeared :(

I suddenly recalled about the instructions that I gave to start the brush.  

I said, “Ok Flipbought, turn ON the display of the watch.”
The display appeared. I was super-happy. I figured out that it was a fitness tracker-cum-smart watch that can be connected to your phone. There were so many functions in there.
I wore it and went for my morning jog with double enthusiasm than any other day.
While jogging, suddenly I thought,   

I said, “OK Flipbought, tell me the steps walked and calories burned today?”
The voice came, “You have walked 3140 steps and burned 80 calories today”.

Wow!!! It answered. So I can access all the functions of the watch with voice commands. This was so exciting.

After a great morning walk, I started back for my home. I reached home, got ready and was very excited to walk into my kitchen. After all the surprises coming one after another since morning, I was expecting my kitchen and living area to be different, like smart and trendy. After all, my home was turning into #SmartHome.

I closed my eyes, rushed to living room and slowly opened my eyes in filmy style.
Wowwww!!! Fabulous!!!

These were the words that I uttered when I looked at the new and grand 60’ inches TV. I was very keen to turn it ON. 

I was super happy. I promptly said,
“OK Flipbought, turn on the TV and start the music channel.”
And I heard the song, “Milegi, mileage kabhi to milegi!!!”
It was like dream come true.
I again said,
“Ok Flipbought, please increase the sound to maximum.”
And the sound hit hard on me. It was very loud. My eardrums were like tearing apart. I closed my ears.

Suddenly, I saw my mom coming out from another room in anger, she tweaked my ears and scolded me hard.
All I was saying, “I didn’t do anything mom. Trust me!! It all happened suddenly.”

I woke up with fear and astonishment.
Ohhh!!! So it was a dream. I was happy to get saved from my mom but I missed all the #Smarthome.

Sadly, I opened my laptop and started surfing randomly. All of the sudden, I saw a Flipkart ad displaying #Smartwearable and other #Smarthome technologies at very reasonable rates.
I quickly clicked on the ad and started searching for the smart products that can change my life  dreamlike.
I was amazed to see so many different options of smart products that can make our life easy and quick like Smart lights that turns ON, get dim and turns OFF on our command, Smart Camera thatch instantly share the pictures, has commendable optical zoom and many  other features.
With one click, you can bring all these amazing products for your smart home.

 Isn’t it like dream come true? 

At Smart home automation store of Flipkart, you can find all the smart products at great discounts anytime. Do you know, upto 40% of smart watches and assistants are sold through Flipkart? Isn't it great. People are making their lives smart with Flipkart, so why are we waiting?
After having such a cool dream and so many cool products on Flipkart, I have made my mind to go for #SmartHomeRevolution and ordered my first smart-watch.
Are you ready for yours or not?

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