Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Selfies make moments timeless #limitededitionselfies #mobiistar

Life is very much about memories, either the good ones or the bad. The good ones give you a kilometer long smile (no matter after how long you remember it and with whom) and the bad ones have experiences in the deal. Even back in time, when it was not so easy to find smartphones with front-facing camera and second person who can click good shots, people used to capture their gala moments with camera keeping its face in front. (Believe me Mr Bean and the Beatles used to do it all the time:) )
And today when “Digital World” is a big reality, capturing and enclosing the special memories in the box of twinkle and tears (actually dropbox ;) is so easy-peasy. The result is, we have thousands of selfies and pictures in the ROM of our phone.

So today when I thought of writing about the perfect selfie, the first question that came into my mind was “What’s Perfect?”
“Is all good perfect?” No.
Or the moments that make us feel heartwarming are perfect?” May be.
Or any random split second having lots of emotions and expressions is perfect?” Very near to Yes.
For me, perfection lies in moments. (be it smilies, be it teary)
And I never forget to lock those moments for my books.

When I turned back the pages of my book, I went through lots of memories and selfies with my friends, family, unknown people, random made friends and my bae. Down the lane, I got stuck at one picta. And that picture recreated lots of moments, emotions and feelings.

This may seem a very normal photograph but it has a special story behind it. 
It was the first time when I met my bae. Interest aroused??? Allow me to narrate the complete story.

When eyes met and love was felt……..

It was the month of April,2017 and the day was 20th. Exactly four months from the first time we talked over the phone. In these months, we came to know very much about each other. Our likes and dislikes, our goods and bads, our ambitions, our weirdest dreams and our wisest choices. Literally a lot!!! We have talked a lot and even had seen each other as well over a video call, but we were very eager to meet each other.
So I thought of giving him a surprise on his birthday (which is by the way on April 21st).
I booked my flight from Jaipur to Mumbai for April 20th. 
I have to reach Jaipur by noon since my flight was scheduled at around 2:00 pm. 
I took a bus from Jodhpur to Jaipur at 6:00 am in the morning which was destined to reach there by  around11:00 am. I was really excited. Butterflies were all over in my stomach dancing on the song, “Pia Milan ki root aai re
Suddenly the bus stopped and the butterflies were down the floor. Everybody was confused for the sudden stoppage. After stepping down from the bus, I got to know that one of the tires went flat. And it will take another one or two hours for the change process and all.
I was shocked. I saw at the clock. It was around 9:30 am. More hours means we would starting again and reaching Jaipur by…………… God knows!!!!!! I was like screaming in panic. I was shouting in my mind, “ I don’t want to miss this flight. Please God, help me!!”
Then I cooled myself down and thought of any other alternative. I started looking for what other passengers were doing and luckily found one passenger who was also in equal hurry. I teamed with him and we both started to look for any way. 
We reached on a conclusion to take a Taxi. About half a kilometer ahead, there was a small stop and we decided to take a taxi from there. We took a lift and reached there and took a private car from there to Jaipur.
I was like, “Thank God!!”
We reached Jaipur by 11:45 am and I headed for the Airport.
The boarding announcement was a bliss to my ears and I was feeling so happy to walk the distance from terminal to inside flight.
I landed at Mumbai Airport at around 4:00pm and called him.

He said, “ Hey, whats up?”
I said, “Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport is really happening and there are so many good looking girls here. You should also come and have a look.”

And he was like, what??? When?? How??

He reached there in around an hour and as soon I saw him, I forgot about everything that had just happened. All tiredness was gone and my face was glowing.
Those moments were magical. And the journey made them more special.

He was so happy and shocked to see me. He kissed my forehead and we hugged each other. The smiles on the faces were a kilometer long.

And then we clicked a selfie. We wanted to freeze that moment forever and share it with all our loved ones (today and tomorrow). Coincidently, we were color matching (both in blue which is his favorite color as well) which added icing on the selfie and it came out as perfect. We shared it instantaneously and all our friends were equally shocked and happy to see me there. This is the charm of instant pics and selfies. You can click and share them with zero-delays and keep them for 10^infinity seconds in time.
So for the best selfie, I think the perfect recipe will be the mix of fantastic feelings, adventurous happenings before the moment, big smile on the face or watery eyes, apt surroundings and complementing expressions on the face. The color matching is just like a free add-on which we never refuse. Never forget that a good selfie camera is always like the oven needed to bake the perfect recipe. 
When I heard of Mobistar dual selfie camera that can capture 120 degree wide-angle shot, I just wished if I could had it in those special moments which could have made the selfie experience more lively. No worries, I can have it now from Mobistar on Flipkart.

I am really waiting for it and the associated selfie experience.

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