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Live-healthy live-safe: Purify the air we breathe-in

We live in an era where the quality of life matters more than the span of the life. No matter how short life is, all of us need the best food, best clothing, best education and the best family!!

But what about the quality of air that we breathe-in?

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Our lifestyle has changed a lot and along with it has changed the volume of synthetic products that we use that alters air properties, making the slope positive on the usage graph. You just state that you need fresh and smell-good air and the big blue-companies will fill the marketplace with lots of air-fresheners and perfumes or paints. But don’t you think that air should be equally purified along with being fresh and smell-good? I suppose, yes is your reaction.

But do we get that? Do we live in depolluted air environment or in the polluted one? Let’s find out... Come with us...

Story 1:

Song playing: “And baby pull me closer, on the backseat of the rover…….”

But suddenly, they need to get out of that rover which could have made its mark in their special memories’ box.But why??

The faces were sad and red; sad since they missed something really near to their heart and red since their eyes were burning??But why??

Well… coz the smoke of the cigar (used by the driver) in the car made them leave..!!


So that is one of the harm that indoor pollutants can cause.

Do you know that Indoor pollutants are five times more harmful than the outdoor pollutants?

Yes, it’s true.

The reason is very simple. Lesser is the area available for the dispersion of the particles, more is their concentration and hence more is the harm; since you are in direct contact with more amount of pollutant particles and too, for longer duration




Story 2:


Mehar was running all here and there in the room with a paint spray bottle in the hand. It was fun to paint. It was fun to play with them.


The drops were forming pearls,

The lines were making beautiful arcs..

The hands were running in patterns shaped by the hearts,

And the walls were reflecting their beauty painted with love and abstract art.......


She slowly sprinkled a bit of colour on the back of Rishabh while he was busy doing his job for that time.


She laughed!! She was enjoying!! And so was everybody else...


In the end, the room was all messed-up. Colours were spread on the floor and brushes were making a zigzag pattern.  But some great motifs were decorating the walls. They have expressed all their creativity on the walls of the room with brushes and rollers in the hand and ideas from the internet.

But Shreya was sitting in the corner. She has kept her head on the knees facing downside. Was she tired?? No. Then what??


She was having a problem in breathing in that newly painted room.

And then, they found out that she was allergic to the volatile particles found in the paint. A not so known harm by the normal paint!!!!


Yes fellas, there are some kind of particles found in the paint, perfumes and almost every chemical containing thing that causes indoor air pollution and are more harmful to our health than outdoor polluted air.

To name a few, they may contain:

1.       Asbestos, which is one of the leading cause of indoor air pollution and can commonly be found in paints, coatings, building material etc.

2.      Formaldehyde, which can be found in paints, sealant, wooden floors etc.

3.      Radon, which can be found underneath our home in various bedrocks and other building materials. It can get into the walls of our home and can cause serious health problems.

4.      Tobacco smoke, contaminants such as bacteria, dust bites, gases from stoves, heaters and volatile particles in varnishes, paints can also cause significant air pollution.


These are just a few of them and long-term exposure to these can result in allergies, asthma, memory lapses, irritation, respiratory problems, cancer (long-term effect), kidney failure etc.


So the above situations are just a few examples of the sufferings that we encounter from polluted indoor air. Being a not-so-familiar form of pollution, as the pollutant sources are very commonly used in day-to-day life (perfumes, cigarettes, paint, pesticides, materials used in buildings etc.) and they release the particles in smaller amount (but in higher concentration if unleashed inside home or buildings), and hence we take this for granted and do not think of substantial solution for them.


But whether we take it to our notice or not, Indoor pollution should be tackled sincerely with intelligent and possible solutions like proper ventilation in the homes, no-smoking rule, using good quality products etc.


And now Asian Paints has taken the responsibility to take one step closer to the solution of this casually-ignored problem.

It has introduced a new range of paints named “Royale ATMOS” which promises to provide clean air and hence healthy living conditions to the inhabitants.
Royal Amtos is a paint that reduces harmful air pollutants and makes the air cleaner.
Additionally, it also absorbs various foul smells and makes the air fresher. Thus for the first time, Asian Paints presents a paint that not only looks good but also helps purify air quality inside our home.

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Don’t forget, making small changes within the home can really make a huge difference.

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