Friday, August 18, 2017

Love forever

It was 12’00 clock in the night. He entered the room. She was lying on the bed facing the opposite side. He thought that she would be in her sleeps and dreams and thus avoided disturbing her, but was she really asleep? The pillow was busy absorbing the tears from her eyes and no other option was available to soothe her at those moments (and those were the moments when she missed those shoulders badly). So sleep was like a mile away from her eyes and brain.
He came and slept by her side.
This time, anger made the face red and tears hot.

How insensitive is he??

He didn’t bother to see me once or say about what actually happened??

Does that mean "Something really happened'??

Many questions were brewing in her mind but answers were on a long trip with logic and reasons. So at that moment of the hour, nothing helped her much.

On the other side of the bed, the person who was supposed to be in deep sleeps as per her better half was actually deep in thoughts, debating with himself.

She is not wrong on her part.

But she was supposed to be on the other end of the bridge on this way, holding my hand.

But I never made things clear.

But she should have the confidence and trust in me. After all, we are more of friends than anything else. How can trust not be there?

But then, she is also just a human being with emotions, feelings and expectations.

And the thought trails continued till…………….

Morning alarms were stopped at the first ring for the first time in house. The weirdness has knocked the door and found it open to make its way to this home.

It was Saturday morning.

Today the kitchen was empty!!

Usually it was filled with soothing music, enjoyed by the two persons in the home, murmuring the lyrics and trying their hands-on breakfast. Yeah Together!!! But today it was all void. And so were some eyes.

The couple was still in the room, not able to face each other.

She was fearful; fearful of the fact that what will happen if things turned out to be the other way.

He was also fearful; fearful of seeing the eyes of doubt where he was supposed to find the strength.

The phone of the husband rang. “Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nhi, shikawa nhi"

"Flashback of the memories in thoughts of both"

Both turned towards each other, saw the eyes of other and now words were far less to express.

The fear was gone and uneasiness took its place.

“You should have told me everything earlier. I would have definitely understood”, said the girl.

“And I was afraid that you would miss the directions and not get the real reason of all the drama”, he said

May be, I would have not but then at least I would have not got the shock that my husband is just helping her best friend to get her love with all the drama and action required without putting me in the picture. I deserved the acknowledgement at least.

Shocks give rise to abrupt reactions which are always hard to deal with.

Yes, I am sorry on that part. I was afraid since you are really possessive of me. And why have you not talked to me yesterday?

I can’t. I was all confused. At moments, doubtful but most of time worried. Worried for you, for us and for our relationship.

And I was worried only for the trust that we have for each other. Our love stands on that and I cannot afford to lose it or you"

And tears again rolled down the cheeks. But this time, Of love and happiness. Just a glance of each other was enough to break down the silence and make the other feel the anxiety of the other. They came closer to each other and kissed.

Truly said, Love forever just needs a genuine small gesture of trust.

The kitchen was now  again ready to see the mess and lyrics found the lips again.

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