Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Son's emotions for his father..!!

This post is dedicated to a very close friend who wished to pour down his emotions through my blog.

You were my pillar of motivation,
You taught me the lessons of life.
You always made sure I was happy,
Even when you had to conceal your sadness in one of the brightest smile.

You used to get worried,
Even when I sneezed couple of times.
Your eyes used to get teary,
On seeing that bruise on my knee in the summertime.

Life was good, things were fine,
But suddenly there was a fire in the hole.
A series of unexpected things happened,
And we were ripped apart right from the soul.

A person who was my pillar of strength,
Suddenly needed 2 people even to stand.
Never saw you in so much of pain,
You went through hell, something not everyone could withstand.

Your eyes searched for me for support and care,
But your hopes died when you saw me weak and blind.
It was a son’s duty to appease all your pain,
But instead I gave you more as I too lost my peace of mind.

Sorry for all the tears that I brought on your face,
Sorry for not being there when you needed me the most.
Sorry for all the constant fights that I had for my choice,
Sorry for the disrespect you had to suffer at my cost.

But now tides and winds have turned their face,
Your son has learned the toughest lessons of life with fiery eyes.
He will leave no stone un-turned to make you fit and fine,
I bet you will feel proud of him till the time he dies.

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